From London to Iran: Stained Glass Masterpieces Around the World

Amazing Stained Glass World Wide

Whether you are a stained glass expert or just someone who enjoys the beauty and splendor of this unique art form, there are a few stained glass masterpieces around the world that shouldn’t be missed. If you have the ability to travel to any of these destinations, you won’t regret it, for the awe-inspiring beauty of stained glass windows awaits.

Who had the idea to paint in glass? No one knows for sure, but the process of coloring glass can be dated back to ancient Egypt. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that stained glass developed as a major art form. Thankfully stained glass windows are durable, and thousands remain in tact for us to enjoy today, from London to Iran.

In London, be sure to check out Kings College Chapel, which is the chapel at King’s College in the University of Cambridge. The chapel is considered one of the best examples of late Perpendicular Gothic English architecture. The more than a dozen large stained glass windows were completed in the early 1500s by Flemish artisans and are some of the grandest in the world.

The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque is a 19th-century place of worship in Shiraz, Iran, that is a splendid example of Islamic architecture. Also known as the Pink Mosque, due to the prolific use of pink tiles in its interior design, Nasir al-Mulk features many colorful stained glass windows. If you are ever in Iran, be sure to add this mosque to your itinerary.

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In Fort Worth, Texas, we have many stained glass windows that add to the historic beauty of our city. For all your stained glass window needs, make sure to call Scottish Stained Glass. We are the Fort Worth stained glass window experts and have been designing, restoring, and repairing stained glass windows for years. Our passion for stained glass windows spans across the country and encompasses residential, religious, and commercial applications. We look forward to hearing from you.


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