Antique stained glass can provide a traditional look.

If you love stained glass, then you probably have admired antique stained glass many times. Did you know that you can have this classy and classic look in the windows or doors in your own home? Antique styles are simply classic, and the funny thing is, they seem to go with a wide variety of décors and architectural styles and periods. Perhaps it is because their designs just never seem to be either “in” or “out” of style.

With antique stained glass, we’re not really talking about one specific style, either. Because there have been many different styles of stained glass that have now become antique, based upon how long ago they were first in vogue.


Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we are big fans of the stained glass masters and artisans who came before us, and we actually collect antique stained glass. We offer it for sale in two completely different ways:

1. Real antique stained glass windows, imported from Scotland and lovingly restored to their original beauty.

2. “Replica” antique stained glass windows, custom built for any window or door in your home. These are actually new, done in the antique style.

Now, what might be the pros and cons of purchasing each of the two different types of antique stained glass? Well, for starters, the real antiques usually cannot be installed into your existing windows. For that to happen, the stained glass panel would have to be the exact right dimensions as the window you want to put it in, and antique windows tend to be smaller than our modern-day ones.

So why would you want it, you might be wondering, if it won’t fit in your windows? What would you do with it?

You would hang it like any other piece of art! It could be installed on a wall or even hanging in a window, to allow the light to shine through. We have been placing windows from out Antique Scottish Collection with stained glass lovers around the country for several years.

To see the Antique Scottish Collection, click here.

However, if you want something that looks as stunning and unique as one of these antique windows installed into your own windows, then we could easily build you a perfect sized replica. In this way, you’d have the best of both worlds. Antique stained glass style, modern construction and installation, as a permanent part of your home.

Take a look at our antique stained glass window designs by clicking here.

Whether you are in the market for genuine stained glass or its newer antique style replicas, we would be delighted to build and install it for you. Why not contact us today for more information about antique stained glass, or to make an appointment with one of our local Denver designers?

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