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Stained Glass Austin Entryways

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to announce that we have opened a branch in Austin, Texas to serve all the needs of this grown and vibrant community. While Scottish has previous served this market remotely with coordinating designs on the internet, by putting a designer on the ground in this market, we hope to be able to take on much more difficult projects and provide all our clients a higher level of service.

The largest stained glass studio of our kind in the United States, Scottish Stained Glass works to add beautiful and functional stained glass to private homes, commercial buildings, and religious locations across the country. Austin’s neighborhoods are a prime territory for stained glass because of the region’s propensity towards self expression and appreciate for hand crafted works of art. Our designer will be working with architects, interior designers, and custom home builders as well as homeowners to build awareness of what’s possible with stained glass. When working as a vendor to any of these, Scottish can be extremely flexible, either working as a vendor to these companies or working directly with the client and consulting with other vendors to the projects success.

Residential Stained Glass in Austin

In most cases however our designers will be coming directly to your Austin home to meet you and evaluate the project in person. Usually spending 50 to 90 minutes in your home our designer evaluates the existing decor in your home and shows you examples from our extensive design gallery. They then work to craft designs on graph paper, creating right in front of you simple renderings of how your stained glass might potentially appear. For many clients, these designs combined with our extensive gallery of photos allows them to feel comfortable moving forward on the project. For other clients, we take these designs back to our workshop and render them on the computer, using CAD programs and Photoshop to provide more specific rendering of how the stained glass might appear in the home.

Once agreeing upon a design with which the customer is ready to move forward, Scottish uses it’s time tested manufacturing process to create stained glass windows wich are both easy to install and conform to Austin’s modern building codes and energy efficiency standards. In 99 percent of cases this means that our glass artisans are building windows which are installed on the inside of existing windows. While this surprises many of our clients, over our 20 years in business, we have found this the best way to prolong the life of the beautiful stained glass, while simultaneously not diminishing the security or efficiency of any existing window installations.

Religious And Commercial Stained Glass Austin

Scottish Stained Glass has worked with hundreds of religious organizations all across the United States over the past 20 years. We have worked through every part of the conceptual, design, fundraising and installation process. Whether you are repairing and restoring existing stained glass windows which merely need some TLC, or you are replacing or expanding your collection of stained glass, Scottish Stained Glass is the trustworthy Austin stained glass studio that has the experience to create beautiful, functional windows on time and on budget.

Many of Austin’s turn of the century commercial buildings were built with stained glass which, depending on the care and maintenance, is now in need of restoration or repair. Many other historic commercial building are in need of stained glass as they remodel or expand. Still other newer commercial buildings such as hotels, bars, and even office buildings enjoy adding stained glass to their buildings. Whatever your need for commercial stained glass throughout the Austin region, Scottish Stained Glass is the right company to meet your needs. Contact us today! We are excited at the possibility of earning your business!

To read more about our capabilities please visit our Stained Glass Austin page.

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