Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass is a perfect addition to Austin’s many prairie style homes!

Did you know that many of the craftsman homes in Austin are actually inspired by the works of a famous 20th century architect? Many of these homes are fashioned in what’s referred to as the “prairie style” a design created by the famous artist Frank Lloyd Wright. Among other things, Frank Lloyd Wright was an artist and stained glass designer. In Austin, a city known for its richness in culture and devotion to the art’s, Frank Lloyd Wright’s work continues to live on in the many prairie style craftsman homes located throughout the city.

About Frank Lloyd Wright

Although Wright is mainly known for his contributions to architecture, many in the art community regard him as the master of modern design. His efforts greatly influence many aspects of art today and can be seen in buildings all around the world. Although Wright came from humble beginnings, growing up in Wisconsin farmland, he designed numerous iconic buildings later in life. Wright took a unique approach to his work as an architect by taking into account every fine detail of the buildings he designed.

Characteristics of Prairie Style Homes

Wright is best known for developing what is referred to as prairie style homes. These homes are characterised by very distinct features including low pitched roofs and long rows of casement windows, and often emphasize an attention to natural beauty. These details are evident in some of his most famous works including the Robie House in Chicago and the Unity Temple in Oak Park.

The Use of Stained Glass in Prairie Style Homes

In addition to these features, one prominent character of Wright’s prairie style homes was that many of them included stained glass windows. Wright enjoyed using stained glass in his designs due to its ability to filter and soften light. Using stained glass as opposed to other window treatments allowed the buildings to have a more open feeling and unobstructed view of the outdoors. Even today, prairie style stained glass remains popular in Austin’s high end and craftsman homes. And it’s easy to see why too. Thick leaded lines, geometric shapes, and earth tones make prairie style stained glass highly intriguing and elegant.

Contact Scottish for Prairie Style Stained Glass in Austin

If you’re interested in obtaining a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass window for your Austin home, please contact our office. We would love the opportunity to create something unique and beautiful for your home.

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