Our Technique for Restoring Austin’s 100 Year Old Church Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass has been honored to restore some of Austin’s beautiful, historic church stained glass windows. We love the feeling of restoring and bringing sentimental, symbolic stained glass pieces back to life, really giving back to the Austin church community. While it may be hard deciding if you’d rather replace or restore your existing church stained glass, our team of local stained glass artisans can provide you with all the information you need in making that decision. Our extensive stained glass restoration process ensures your church stained glass windows have another 100 years.

Austin Church Stained Glass Restoration Process

Church stained glass in Austin can definitely range in age, style, and size; luckily, we have over 25 years of experience handling church projects of any size! The restoration process begins with an on-site assessment. The assessment allows our team of experts to analyze all the root problems causing deterioration of the stained glass and/or lead frame. Once our assessment is complete, we carefully remove your stained glass window and take it back to our repair shop. From there, we let your stained glass panels soak in a proprietary soap mixture for at least two weeks, guaranteeing that all pieces of dirt and impurity built up from the last 100 years is removed.

Replicating the Original Glass in Your Austin Church Stained Glass

If we can’t find the perfect glass match in our inventory of over 50,000 pieces of stained glass, we have the glass custom made mimicking color, style, and texture. If your church stained glass contains any painted glass, our design experts can replicate the painted technique in restoration. Once all pieces are restored or replaced, we rebuild your window with new pieces of lead and tin, strengthening all the joints and frames. A black cement is applied which is forced into all the cracks, further strengthening your glass.

Once we polish off all the black cement and reinstall your restored stained glass window, you and your congregation will be stunned by the new, fresh appearance of your original glass!

Call today to schedule an on-site consultation on restoring your stained glass: (512) 539-0455

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