Retail Design Inspiration for Austin Businesses: the Stained Glass Windows at Altar’d State

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Retail is a competitive industry. If you want your business to be successful, you’ve got to find some way to stand out from all of your competitors. How can you show your customers that you offer something that the guy next door doesn’t? One way to accomplish this is by being creative with the design of your storefront and interior. If you need a little bit of inspiration for your retail design in Austin, our stained glass window project for Altar’d State may help spark your imagination!

How Austin Retail Stores Benefit from Stained Glass

Thought stained glass windows were only for old, rusty churches? Think again! Stained glass is actually quite a commonplace feature in many different types of buildings, not just religious. They can be found in hotels, restaurants, and even people’s homes. Property owners choose stained glass not only for its elegant appearance, but also its practical benefits of creating privacy and attracting customers. For Austin retail stores, stained glass could help boost the look of a store and increase sales.

Stained Glass Inspiration: Altar’d State

Altar’d State is a national retail store and faith-based business that sells clothing and merchandise. The company was in the beginnings of constructing a new location in Boulder, and was in need of someone who could create custom stained glass windows. We worked closely with Altar’d State to complete their project in three weeks time, so that their store would be ready to go for opening day.

Altar’d State, like many retailers, choose to display the stained glass prominently in their storefront. The goal of this was to catch the attention of those passing by. Then, inside the building, stained glass windows were added to create privacy.

While traditional stained glass is very colorful, Altar’d State chose to go with a more modern aesthetic that used clear glass. Unique geometric patterns outlined by thick leading gave the stained glass an artistic, contemporary look.

However, Austin retail owners interested in stained glass should note that this style is just one of many looks that can be produced with stained glass. Stained glass is, after all, a very versatile art form and can be customized in numerous ways.

Explore Options for Retail Stained Glass in Austin

If you are interested in installing stained glass for your Austin retail store, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you with your project and discuss design possibilities. Call today to get started.

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