Are You Looking to Sell Your Dallas Home? Add Stained Glass for a Higher Resale Value!

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Are you looking to sell your Dallas home? The addition of stained glass to your entryway adds a WOW factor as prospective buyers first enter the home. It also provides privacy while allowing natural light into the entryway. With a stained glass entryway, you can potentially sell your home faster and may receive a higher bid from potential buyers.

How to Impress Potential Buyers with Stained Glass

Think about it this way. When many people go out house hunting, they first do a driveby first. Buyers want to know that a home will be worth their time before they set an appointment for a viewing. When they see stained glass shining in the entryway of your door, they’ll be majorly impressed. After all, stained glass creates a high end look. Buyers are likely to assume that if the home looks nice from the outside, it’s bound to look that way inside too and is probably well maintained.

And once the buyers do arrive for the showing, the stained glass will help to make a good first impression. After all, your entryway is the first glimpse that shoppers get of your home. So when they arrive for their first viewing, you want to make sure that you start things off on the right foot. Stained glass could be just the thing you need to impress your visitors.

Plus, during the viewing the buyers will also get a chance to see the stained glass up close in person. They’ll be able to not only see the beauty of the stained glass for themselves, but are likely to be interested in the practical benefits too such as added light and privacy.

A unique feature like a stained glass entryway may be able to help you sell your home faster too and may result in a buyer placing a higher bid. When a shopper sees something that impresses them, it makes them want to buy sooner because they fear the home will be snatched up by someone else if they don’t. And they may even be anxious enough to place a bid that’s higher than what you’re asking for. Plus, the general rule is that the longer your home sits on the market, the less likely you are to get your original asking price.

Contact Dallas’ Stained Glass Experts

Don’t let your home waste away sitting on the market. Give your home an upgrade that will impress every potential buyer that passes through your doors. Call Scottish Stained Glass today to speak to Dallas’ entryway stained glass experts and receive an estimate for your project!

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