How to Get Started with Dalle Stained Glass Restoration in Dallas

dalle stained glass restoration dallas

Dalle de Verre Stained Glass is truly unique. No other type of stained glass exhibits such a distinct style and appearance. When the sun shines through a Dalle de Verre, the colors light up so intensely it almost looks like they’re on fire. And its mosaic composition gives it a modern look and feel, making it the perfect companion to contemporary styles of decor.

If you’re the owner of an antique Dalle de Verre, you’re in luck. You possess one of the most beautiful and rare works of art in all the world. However, it is important to know that if your stained glass is at a certain age, it may be due for some maintenance and cleaning.

Fortunately, getting started with Dalle Stained Glass restoration in Dallas is simple enough. Here’s what you need to do.

How Can You Tell If Your Stained Glass Needs Repairs?

Sometimes damage is easy to spot in stained glass windows. But sometimes it’s not. The damage can be as glaring as a huge crack or missing piece, or small bubbles from pocketing that can only be spotted by a trained eye. If you see any obvious signs of damage like chips, cracks, or putty that’s falling out of place, you need repairs asap. However, if your stained glass is about 75 to 100 years old, you may want to get it inspected anyway, even if it looks like there’s nothing wrong.

How to Get Started with Restoration

At some point, all stained glass windows, including Dalle Stained Glass, need to be restored. Here’s how you can get started with the process of finding a restoration expert in Houston:

  • Inspect your stained glass from top to bottom. Take note of any obvious signs of damage and write them down.
  • Look online for a local repair expert. Make sure that they’re familiar with Dalle de Verre.
  • Schedule a consultation to meet with the repair company and have the work dated, inspected, and documented.
  • Sit back, relax, and let the experts go to work.
  • Schedule a Consultation with Scottish

    Do you need repairs or restoration for your Dalle Stained Glass? Call our Houston team today to schedule a consultation.

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