Walking Through Residential Stained Glass Restoration from Start to Finish in Dallas

residential stained glass restoration dallas

Many times, when people contact us for stained glass restoration in Dallas, they are often surprised to hear how complicated and time-consuming the process is.

If stained glass has been damaged by hail, vandalism, or the elements, there may be broken pieces. These cannot be simply cut out and replaced. Stained glass restoration must be conducted carefully in order to preserve the historic and artistic value of the window.

Below, we’ve provided some details on what the process for residential glass restoration looks like from start to finish.

Residential Stained Glass Restoration: Where to Start

Residential stained glass restoration for Dallas homes is a multi-step process that takes several weeks time. First, the repair company will gather information and create a plan for the restoration. Then, the stained glass is removed, restored, and put back in place.

Information Gathering & Documenting

Before any work is performed on the stained glass, the conservationist will work to gather as much information as possible. This includes researching the history of the stained glass, how it was built, and what materials were used.

Next, each window is inspected carefully, from top to bottom, so that every issue is correctly identified and understood. All information is documented thoroughly. Then, a plan is created for making the repairs.

Cleaning, Repairs & Restoration

After the stained glass has been documented and inspected, the repair process can begin. First, the delicate windows are gingerly removed and taken to a workshop. There, they may be cleaned with a soft cloth or soaked in a tub if the paint is stable.

After soaking, the putty dissolves, making it easy to take apart each panel. Old leading and seriously damaged glass may be replaced, but only if absolutely necessary. When it comes to stained glass, a conservative approach is best.

If necessary, painted elements may be recreated to restore the original design. Then, the stained glass is put back together and taken back its home. After restoration, the window will be stronger and more beautiful than ever before.

Get More Information

Do you have questions about residential stained glass restoration in Dallas? Call our office to get more information or speak to an expert!

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