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Choosing The Best Stained Glass Style For Your Dallas Home

Dallas is a large and very eclectic city with houses from many different eras.  Some of our Dallas clients come to us concerned with finding a stained glass window that matches the time period in which their home was built.  While when you home was built can influence the type of stained glass window that is right for your home, the best style of stained glass Dallas home is really more about your personal tastes than it is the style of house. For example, if you have a vintage home, a contemporary designed stained glass window will actually blend quite well.  Whether a stained glass window matches your existing decor or simply your own personal tastes, the key to success is really your personal preference.  You don’t want to pigeonhole your design decisions based on what period your home was built in because mixed style houses and stained glass windows is what gives your home personality.  In fact, many styles of stained glass windows mix and match beautifully with other similar or very different architectural designs. We, at Scottish Stained Glass, have listed below a few of our favorite design styles and a few top home styles they would match.

Stained Glass Styles For Your Dallas Home

Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Stained Glass: Often known for its geometric lines and architectural feel, Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired stained glass windows blend perfectly with any contemporary home but also look stunning in mid-century modern homes as well.

Mackintosh Style Stained Glass: Known best for the iconic Glasgow rose pattern at times has elements of both straight geometric lines on some designs and more slowly Art Nouveau on others. Because of their exquisite beauty and deep range of shapes and colors, Mackintosh style stained glass windows are a wonderful fit for something as modern as this century or even on houses from the Victorian Era.

mackintosh stained glass

Art Deco Style Stained Glass: Full of intricate and repeating patterns, colors and strong use of beveled glass, Art Deco style stained glass goes perfectly in today’s modern home, mid-century modern homes and of course, any home built in the 20’s or 30’s.

As you can see from the style pairings above, stained glass windows are wonderful and versatile additions to any home in the Dallas area. Whether you are looking to modernize a vintage home or give your modern home a more natural feel, stained glass will transform and enhance any home.

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