The Remarkable Evolution of Stained Glass in Dallas: Past, Present & Future

dallas stained glass through time

The Chartres Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris, the Canterbury Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle – these are all well known examples of the beauty of stained glass. In Dallas, stained glass can be found in churches, cathedrals, and even the homes and businesses belonging to the city’s current residents. But though many may be aware of their existence, few know of the history and story of stained glass. This story dates back hundreds of years, when the art of glass making first came into existence. Today, these age old techniques are still practiced, bringing new meaning and possibility to stained glass art. But much is still to be said about their past and their future.

The Origins of Stained Glass in Churches, Synagogues and Temples

The stained glass of the modern world is intricately connected to the stained glass of the past, when the glassmakers of Ancient Rome and Egypt began creating colored glass to use for pottery and jewelry. However, stained glass gained its true popularity when it found its way into the religious world. The first usage of stained glass for church windows dates back to the 4th and 5th century. In early Christian churches, thin pieces of alabaster were placed in wooden frames, creating a stained glass like effect.

This started a trend which spread across Europe, then to the Middle East and Southwest Asia. by this time, stained glass windows had become much more elaborate. Hundreds of tiny glass pieces were pieced together to produce colossal sized windows, many of which featured detailed designs. Biblical portraits, scenes, and imagery became part of these designs, their primary purpose being to teach the illiterate the stories of the Bible.

The Use of Stained Glass Today and in the Future

After its new found use in churches, stained glass continued to flourish. Soon, it found its way into other types of architecture. Designers began incorporating stained glass into various areas of the home, including kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms, for both its aesthetic and practical benefits. Commercial stained glass also became popular. Business owners found that adding a stained glass sign or window to a restaurant or hotel was a great way to create a high end look and impress customers.

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Stained glass continues to be useful for these reasons of more. Stained glass adds depth beauty, creates privacy, controls light, and can even raise the resale value of a property. As technology continues to advance, today’s stained glass windows are becoming more evolved and beautiful than ever before, giving promise to its future existence.

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