Bathroom Stained Glass Denver

One of our most popular choices at Scottish Stained Glass is our bathroom stained glass windows for homeowners throughout the country. Our custom leaded glass windows are the perfect addition to any home, and we want to show you how our pieces can help you create your dream bathroom, and a space that you’ll always love.

 Bathroom Stained Glass Styles

The term “stained glass” may conjure up images of ornate, colorful windows in a church.  Today, however, stained glass is frequently used in homes for privacy, as well as for decorative appeal, and rarely resembles this traditional image of the art form.

Because each window that we create is custom, you’ll be able to get exactly what you’re looking for, regardless of the size or shape you need.  While you can truly add leaded glass to nearly any window in your home, bathrooms are one of our most common choices for homeowners for several reasons.  If you have a window in your bathroom, you know how important privacy can be in this space. However, you may want to keep the natural light that comes through these windows.  With Scottish Stained Glass, you don’t have to choose between the two.

We offer a vast selection of glass types that block vision, yet still let natural light into your bathroom.  You’ll work with an expert designer through this process to help you find which glass type, or combinations of glass types, works best to incorporate your personal style while adding privacy to your windows.

We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate clients of all differing styles with our beautiful leaded glass windows.  Our designers are experienced with both modern styles, and traditional looks to provide you with excellent style selections to choose from.  Often homeowners choose to design windows without any colored glass for a more timeless look, but we also have a huge selection of colored glass for that splash of color to brighten your bathroom.

Scottish Stained Glass for Bathrooms

With over 20 years in business under our belt, you can count on our expert team to create the most beautiful bathroom stained glass available today.  All of our windows are completely authentic leaded glass, and they are built to last. Contact us today to learn more about our beautiful bathroom stained glass today, and we’ll set you up with a free consultation!

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