Scottish Makes Efforts to Preserve Stained Glass in Denver’s Historic Capitol Hill & Congress Park Neighborhoods

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Did you know that Scottish Stained Glass is working to preserve stained glass in Denver’s historic Capitol Hill and Congress Park neighborhoods? These neighborhoods are some of the oldest in the Denver metro area and are scattered with buildings that are hundreds of years old. In fact, in recent years, Scottish has completed several stained glass restoration projects in these areas on vintage commercial, residential, and religious stained glass.

At Scottish, we work very hard to reuse existing glass when replacing leading. This is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a proper restoration. You see, many stained glass windows that require restoration have been around for hundreds of years and are therefore considered antiques. In order to preserve the value, as much of the stained glass should be saved as humanly possible. That’s why it’s so important to work with a studio that has a lot of experience in restoration.

What Makes Us Experts in Stained Glass Restoration

Part of what allows us to complete stained glass restorations properly is our company’s extensive knowledge and familiarity with the techniques used in glassmaking hundreds of years ago. You see, our owner, Martin Faith, grew up in Glasgow, Scotland where he learned Scottish techniques for glassmaking at a very young age. His personal experience and history with stained glass is what has given our team the knowledge to perform restorations as well as we do and preserve the majority of the glass.

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Of course, there are some cases in which preserving the stained glass may not possible. This might occur if the stained glass window has been deteriorating for a long period of time and gone without repair, in which case the glass is sometimes severely damaged and unable to be rescued. But luckily we have a backup plan in place for these scenarios. If it’s not possible to reuse the glass, we do have the ability to replace it with the best match possible.

Scottish has been in business for over twenty five years. During this time, we’ve built up an extensive network of glass suppliers. This allows us to cast a wider net when looking for a particular profile or color of glass that needs replacement. And the year’s worth of experience that our craftsmen have acquired also allows us to make sure the finish product comes out looking beautiful. These factors have allowed us to be preserve dozens of historic stained glass windows in Denver’s Congress Park and Capitol Hill neighborhoods that would have otherwise been destroyed due to severe deterioration.

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Stained Glass Restoration for Denver Historic Neighborhoods

If you own a stained glass window in Congress Park or Capitol Hill and are interested in learning more about our restoration services or our past projects, please contact our office. We would be more than happy to provide you with additional insight and information.

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