Benefits of Restoring Stained Glass in Fort Collins’ Historic Theaters, Museums, and Restaurants

The Fort Collins community agrees that historic stained glass preservation should be top priority in Fort Collins’ historic theaters, museums, and restaurants. This rare art form can display so much powerful imagery, symbolism, and more, reflecting artistic movements in history. Scottish Stained Glass is humbled to have helped so many in the Fort Collins community restore their antique stained glass pieces. We’ve completed dozens of commercial restoration projects and would love to help you with yours!

The Importance of Preserving Heritage Through Stained Glass Restoration

Historical preservation is vital to any community. Many of the antique stained glass panels featured throughout Fort Collins’ historic theaters, museums, and restaurants are starting to reach the age of inevitable deterioration. When stained glass is about 75 – 100 years old, the glass and/or lead came may start to disintegrate, requiring it to undergo restoration. Historic stained glass restoration can actually increase antique value, improve property equity, and potentially increase customer retention while attracting new customers. Preserving heritage is important for our future generations– we hope to restore your stained glass panels for another 100 years.

Stained Glass Restoration from Stained Glass Denver – Sub on Vimeo.

How to Get Started on Your Historic Stained Glass Restoration Project

If you start to notice any visible damage or distortion on your stained glass windows, give us a call for an immediate consultation. Even if you’re uncertain if your stained glass is ready for restoration or just needs simple repair, we can help you determine if it’s a candidate for repair, restoration, or replacement. We conduct an assessment on your Fort Collins property to analyze your stained glass and to prepare a proper project estimate. Here you’ll understand the cost-benefit analysis and hopefully want to restore your beautiful, antique pieces of history.

For more information regarding Fort Collins historic stained glass restoration or to schedule an on-site consultation, please give us a call anytime:

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