What’s Special About the Scottish Stained Glass Construction Process for Fort Collins Homes?

scottish stained glass fort collins

Having stained glass windows in your Fort Collins home can be such a wonderful experience. Every day, you get to see a mesmerizing display as the sunlight coming in your home catches the corners and bounces off the glass, sending a multitude of colors across the room. And not only is stained glass beautiful, but its also useful because it creates privacy, protecting your home and family from the dangers outside your front door.

Stained glass windows can be obtained from both studios as well as hardware stores. Most of these businesses will create a few different designs, replicate them, and manufacture the stained glass. While these manufactured stained glass windows are still nice to have, they’re not quite the same as Scottish Stained Glass windows.

Why? Because at Scottish Stained Glass, we like to do things a little bit differently. Here’s a little bit of information about what makes our stained glass construction process unique for Fort Collins homes.

What Makes Scottish Stained Glass Different than Any Other Stained Glass?

At Scottish Stained Glass, we take our work very seriously. We’ve spent years cultivating our skills as glass artisans and refining our techniques. Today, we have a process that allows us to be incredibly precise and accurate in all aspects of our work, from taking measurements to curating the design that’s best suited for each customer and their home. Here are a few things that make us different.

Custom Design Process

Before we start any glass work at all, we take the time to visit each one of our customers for a meet and greet. Why? Because it allows us to get to know you so that we can create a stained glass window that’s not just beautiful, but also specifically designed for you as a person. This also gives us the chance to see your home and take site measurements.

Hand-Crafted, Original Art

Each and every single one of our windows are custom made by hand. That means we hand select all the materials, including the glass, colors, and paint to ensure that it’s the right fit. Then we put it all together to make something beautiful for your home.

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