Hallway stained glass can give you added privacy in your Colorado Springs home.

Is hallway stained glass Colorado Springs homeowner’s new obsession? What is hallway stained glass, and why might you want it? If you are a Colorado Springs resident and have any windows at all in your hallway, you already know how nice it is to have some natural light in an otherwise dark area of your home.

Hallways happen to be one of the traditional places in a home to find stained glass. In fact, the original stained glass hallways windows can still be found intact and enjoyed in many of the Springs older, historic neighborhoods. Here’s the reason hallways stained glass, Colorado Springs homes, and custom designs have become such a popular combination.

The fact is that although most people are happy to have a window in a hallway, not all hallway windows have the most amazing views. Some of these window’s views show nothing more interesting than the side of your neighbor’s home, or even into look right into your neighbor’s windows. Awkward! And yet, because the natural light that enters the hallway is so desirable, you might not want to cover that window with shades, blinds, or curtains. Not to mention the fact that curtains in a hallway might just look kind of weird. The solution?


One way to fix this problem is with beautiful custom designed hallway stained glass, Colorado Springs residents have discovered. When we say custom hallway stained glass, we do not have any particular style in mind. That’s because we make a custom product that is designed to your style, your tastes, your aesthetic.

Whatever would work in your hallway!

Hallway stained glass windows can be simple or complex, colored or clear, or any combination. If you do have an older home, antique style hallway stained glass might be perfect. You might always have admired Art Deco, or Celtic designs. You might prefer your custom hallway stained glass, Colorado Springs style, perhaps something featuring Aspens or the mountains, or any style at all. Old fashioned, modern, dramatic, subtle . . . well, you get the idea.

The reason we are able to create so much variety is because we work with each client one on one. We’ll send a designer right to your home or office to create the design and measure the windows. If you are interested in commissioning a custom hallway stained glass window, Colorado Springs or any of the surrounding areas, we hope you’ll contact us for an appointment today. Colorado Springs Stained Glass has over two decades experience and over 40,000 windows to date. We’d love to spruce up your hallway!

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