Antique Residential Houston Stained Glass Restoration

antique residential houston stained glass restoration

If you have noticed signs of wear in your rare or antique residential Houston stained glass, restoration may be your best chance of preserving your stained glass. In this article, we’ve discussed some of the reasons for preserving antique stained glass and also explained a little about the repair process.

antique stained glass restoration houston

Antique Stained Glass Restoration: Important Considerations

There are numerous ways that glass can be used to decorate buildings, but none achieve the same awe-inspiring effect as stained glass. Since the early days of Rome, stained glass has been used to direct light and add color to buildings. And today, in the United States, it continues to play an important role in modern architecture.

Stained glass adds privacy, elegance, and a look of refinement, instantly creating an upscale ambiance for any room. Furthermore, the preservation of stained glass is important for cultural reasons, and helps to keep part of the community’s art history in tact.

stained glass restoration houston

Recognizing the Need for Antique Stained Glass Restoration

When stained glass windows reach a certain age, they are usually about ready for restoration. Antique stained glass restoration helps Houston buildings retain their beautiful historic look and preserves the fragile glass. Some signs that your stained glass is ready to undergo this process include whitened leading, brace bar detachment, cracks, bent glass, or missing materials.

Once you’ve identified the need for restoration, the company you’re working with will undertake the following process to preserve your beloved art:

Dating and documenting – Before anything at all is done to the stained glass, it should be dated and documented. Dating the stained glass helps repair professionals identify the techniques and materials that were used for its construction so that it can be recreated as close as possible to the original. Rubbings, photographs, and blueprints are also created to preserve the details of the design.

Repairs, cleaning, and protection – Once the glass has been thoroughly examined and documented, it’s time to begin the restoration work. The glass will be carefully cleaned, taken apart, and repaired with stronger and newer materials. However, a good glass artist will try to be conservative about this and preserve as much of the original glass as possible. Once this process is complete, the stained glass will be returned to your home so you can resume enjoying it once again!

Learn More About Antique Residential Stained Glass Restoration

If you have questions about antique residential stained glass restoration, our Houston team would be happy to be of assistance. Call today to get more information or speak to someone about your needs.

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