Six Popular Types of Stained Glass to Add Beauty to Your Houston Home

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Stained glass has a long history of adding beauty to buildings and residences in many forms. Below, we’ve detailed six of the most popular types of stained glass are often installed in Houston homes of varying tastes and styles.

Stained Glass Styles to Complement Houston Residences

When many people think of stained glass, they tend to picture more traditional or ornate styles, famously depicted in ancient churches and old-fashioned buildings across the globe. For those with an eye for classic, elegant stained glass designs for their Houston residence, there are several different styles that may appeal to you.

Celtic Knots
Using even simple stained glass, we can create bevel clusters and traditional Celtic knots.

Created by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the Mackintosh rose is a simple design that incorporates circles into a basic rose, accentuated by vivid panels.

Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau features bright hues, ornate floral and pastoral images, and curved lines.

If traditional stained glass doesn’t fit your aesthetic preferences, fear not; there’s stained glass for every Houston homeowner! Geometrically inspired stained glass can enhance your space in a modern way. Mission style is notable for its symmetric geometric aesthetic, using earth tones or textured, colorless glass.

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Frank Lloyd Wright
Like Mission style, Frank Lloyd Wright style features earthy tones and geometric designs.

Art Deco
Art deco blends Art Nouveau details with Mission lines and geometric shapes.

No matter which stained glass you choose, it will complement your home beautifully.

Have your stained glass designed and already ordered? Here’s how to unpack your stained glass when it arrives:

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