How Stained Glass can block those ugly window wells in your Kansas City basement

Tired of looking at the ugly window wells in your basement? Conceal them in a stylish, discreet manner with a stained glass window. Stained glass is perfect for Kansas City homeowners who use their basement as a guest room, bar area, or entertainment room. It looks beautiful and it helps hide those little defects like window wells that can take away from the aesthetic appearance of your home.

Although we may not always like the way they look, window wells are an essential part of every basement. They help let light into your home and keep the place from seeming drab and dim. Unfortunately, basement window wells often showcase nothing more than a brick wall or concrete slab.

Conceal Ugly Window Wells in Style with Stained Glass

For this reason it may feel like your basement window wells are doing more harm than good in terms of aesthetics. But they’re necessary to have because of the extra light they provide. Without them, your basement would require tons of artificial lighting. That’s why a lot of interior designers use stained glass instead of curtains to hide them. Stained glass helps hide ugly window wells without blocking out the much needed natural light entering your basement.

Not to mention, it looks beautiful too. There’s something about the look of stained glass that invokes an ambience of refinery and elegance. Adding a stained glass window to your home can be a great way to spruce up your basement. In fact, many people choose to add stained glass to their basement bar or wine cellar to create a high end look for their home.

Plus, you get to have fun with the design too. At Scottish Stained Glass, we create all of our stained glass windows custom to order and invite our clients to take part in the design process. While we do provide photographs and drawings for our customers to look at, we also encourage them to get creative and add their own ideas too.

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