Park City Bathroom Stained Glass

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For homes in Park City, bathroom stained glass is an elegantly beautiful idea that also has a big practical benefit: privacy. If your Park City bathroom has regular glass windows, you might wish for a bit more privacy while still allowing the beautiful Utah sunshine to filter through to light up the space.

With custom Park City bathroom stained glass, you can add value and beauty to the bathroom along with that much needed privacy.

Our custom designs are created by working one on one with each of our customers. We send one of our local area designers right to each customer’s home, to start the custom design process. During this initial consultation, clients have the opportunity to discuss ideas, look at photos and samples, see sketches of what their stained glass ideas will look like, and create the perfect design.

Since we do each piece of Park City bathroom stained glass to each customers’ tastes, they can be sure of having exactly what they like. Our stained glass is not just custom designed, it is also hand crafted by local Utah artisans. These talented craftsmen cut and assemble each piece of glass by hand, the old fashioned way. We use the most modern and highest quality materials, ensuring a gorgeous piece of stained glass that will not only stand the test of time, it will delight family members for generations to come.

Leaded and beveled stained glass designs are particularly popular in Park City bathrooms, since they are colorless, match with any décor, and allow significant light to pass through into the bathroom.


By the way, in case you didn’t know, a stained glass bathroom window that opens will still open after the installation of the custom stained glass. Stained glass does not interfere with functionality in the slightest. So if you always open the window for air flow or to help dry out the room, you’ll still be able to. The only difference will be that the window—and the whole bathroom—will be that much more stunning.

So whether you are looking for more privacy or just a finishing touch to take your bathroom from nice to spectacular, custom Park City bathroom stained glass is the perfect choice. Many of our custom clients are startled to find just how affordable custom stained glass can be.

For more information about our custom designed and hand crafted bathroom stained glass, or to make an appointment with one of our designers, why not contact us today?

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