How to Make Your Entryway Stand Out with Beveled Glass Doors in Salt Lake City

beveled glass doors salt lake city

Your home is a place you cherish, where you spend time with friends and loved ones. So of course you want it to feel inviting to your guests. When your visitors approach your driveway and see the lovely entryway you’ve created for your Salt Lake City home with beveled glass doors, they’ll immediately feel like they’re somewhere special. Beveled glass doors exhibit a beauty unlike any other and are a great way to make your entryway stand out.

How Beveled Glass Windows Are Made

Beveled glass doors can be purchased in Salt Lake City from almost any stained glass studio. Craftsmen spend hours creating handsome doors made from real wood, being careful to leave a window for the custom glass.

Then, the bevels are crafted by taking a very sharp tool and cutting out the glass into special designs. These individual pieces are then accented by using the tool to create an angled edge all the way around the shape.

After, the bevels are arranged into a beautiful design along with some textured glass. The pieces are secured together using lead caming and cement. Then the entire panel is inserted in the opening and encased in the door.

Why Choose Beveled Glass Doors?

Beveled glass doors are considered a custom feature, and an exquisite one at that. Adding beveled glass doors to your Salt Lake City home can make your life better in so many ways. Here are some of the benefits:

  • They heighten the resale value of your property
  • You’ll enjoy a more confidential and comfortable space
  • By substituting beveled glass for curtains, you’ll get more sunlight
  • Your entryway will look different than any other home on the block
  • Your home will be the talk of the neighborhood
  • Create a Luxurious Entryway

    Create an entryway that turns heads. Call Scottish Stained Glass to get your very own beveled glass doors in Salt Lake City.

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