Why Is Church Stained Glass Important to Restore?

church stained glass restore importance

If you belong to a church with stained glass windows, you may wonder if they’re worth keeping and restoring. Perhaps someone recently pointed out signs of deterioration, such as cracks or chips in the glass. Or maybe your stained glass got a few small holes in it after a hail store. Either way, now your church has decide if it wants to invest money into the repairs.

Although it may seem like a burden to take on such costs, there are many good reasons for doing so. Historic church stained glass windows are not only rare and valuable, but they’re also an important part of history. Below, we’ve listed a few reasons why Salt Lake City churches should consider stained glass restoration.

Reasons to Restore Your Church Stained Glass Windows

On the surface, stained glass windows may seem like nothing more than a commodity. In other words, they’re nice to have, but not necessary. But when you take a look at the true value of church stained glass, it becomes apparent that restoring these ancient works of art is not just a good idea… it’s necessary. Here’s why.

1. Antique stained glass is a rarity.

More and more antique stained glass windows are being lost every day because churches do not realize their value and the importance of keeping up on maintenance. The stained glass is neglected, then is lost forever because it shatters or falls apart, at which point it is beyond repair. There are few antique stained glass windows left in the U.S. today, and preserving them is an important part of keeping our country’s art history alive.

2. Historic windows are more beautiful.

Some people argue that historic windows are more beautiful than newer ones. This is because, as stained glass evolved, artists began to use more paint. The more paint that was added, the less light came through the glass. Older windows have less paint, so the sun can come through them more easily and illuminate the beautiful colors of the glass.

3. Stained glass soothes the soul.

Perhaps the most important reason to preserve stained glass is because of its affect on members of the church. The way that sunlight pours through the glass and creates a soft glow about the room is soothing and inviting. Many church members regard their stained glass fondly, and would miss it dearly if it was taken away.

Preserve Your Church Stained Glass

Preserve your church’s beautiful stained glass windows with leaded glass restoration by calling our Salt Lake City team today.

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