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Scottish Stained Glass in Boston

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to serve the historical city of Boston for all of your custom stained glass needs!  Colored stained glass is already incorporated into so many historical churches in this metropolitan city, and many of the older homes scattered throughout the area were initially built with stained glass pieces as well.

Whether you’re looking for a big change to make your home stand apart from the rest, or a subtle addition to add beauty and privacy to your home, Scottish Stained Glass can create a unique piece for your specific needs.

Our designers will work with you to create the perfect glass piece for your personal styles and preferences.  Boston is full of homes with oddly shaped windows and doors.  Scottish Stained Glass can accommodate all shapes and sizes in your traditional New England style home

Even though Boston is an urban area, the nature within it is lush, and sometimes it’s the only thing that helps the hardworking business men and women get through the day.  We can incorporate the nature that you love while you’re outdoors into your home to create a calming and beautiful setting.  Our Aspen collection includes glass with leaves and vines leaded and etched into each unique piece.

Living with Scottish Stained Glass in an Urban City

When the heart of Boston was established, there was very little room for homes in the area.  In historical neighborhoods like Beacon Hill and the North End, for example, living spaces were built incredibly close together, since the founders were trying to make as many apartments and homes as possible.  What this means for people living in the city today is both very little space, and very little privacy.

Scottish Stained Glass can give you the privacy you need in an urban city like Boston.  With our leaded glass, you can choose from a variety of textures and etched designs that will keep your living space private from close neighbors, while still letting sunlight in.  These colorless glass options will compliment any home, especially those traditional, charming buildings that fill the streets of Boston.

Living downtown in any city can be very expensive.  To keep your privacy, you might be used to closing your curtains or blinds, even during sunny days, and using your lights instead.  By adding stained glass to your home, you won’t have to worry about privacy, and you’ll spend less money lighting your living space by using natural light.

Scottish Stained Glass Renews Historic Pieces

Whether you live in an old building, or own a historical landmark in the city of Boston, we can help you restore your damaged or worn stained glass pieces.  Many buildings in Boston are hundreds of years old, and restoring some of the older stained glass can recreate the original beauty of your church, or even your traditional home.

Stained Glass Displays for your Boston Retail Business

Boston offers a diverse shopping scene for tourists and locals, including historic areas like Faneuil Hall Marketplace as well as trendy places like Newbury Street. As a business owner, your retail business is your passion and your dream, so of course you want it to succeed. But the key is getting your location to stand out and convince shoppers that your store is worth browsing. Retail stained glass provides Boston businesses with an extra special touch that sets them apart from competing shops. Stained glass signs and windows glitter in the sunlight, drawing the attention of people strolling by and igniting their interest.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we offer numerous customization options for Boston retail businesses who are interested in adding unique art or signage to their retail location. Whether you’re just starting out and are building a new retail location, remodeling an existing building, or just looking to make some changes, we would be thrilled to be part of your adventure. Our team can work in conjunction with other professionals as your store is planned and built from the ground up or modify your existing store with minimal interruption so you can maintain normal business hours. Call today to discuss your ideas!

Church Stained Glass for Boston Houses of Worship

Stained glass plays a unique role in houses of worship, elevating not only the physical appearance of the property, but also uplifting spirits of congregation members. To be able to gaze up at stained glass during service is a very peaceful and calming experience. Many people are touched by the imagery and meaning behind the stained glass, and having this visual present during service makes them feel more connected to their faith. Additionally, many people feel strongly about historic stained glass windows in churches because they have memories of seeing them throughout their childhood during church or their family members helped donate to their creation. At Scottish Stained Glass, we understand how important your church stained glass is to your Boston congregation.

Whether we are working with you on a religious stained glass restoration project or creating new stained glass windows for your church, we will work with care and precision to ensure that every last detail is right. Some of our most memorable projects have been for churches, and have been incredibly rewarding experiences. To be able to give something beautiful to the churches we work with is a fulfilling experience for us, and helps us continue to feel inspired and motivated. Whether you have a stained glass window that’s been damaged by hail or vandalism, or you’re looking for a professional who can help you add stained glass to your Boston churches sidelights, we will be happy to assist. Call today to get connected.

Because each piece we do is completely unique to your personal taste, you can feel confident that Scottish Stained Glass will provide you with the exact piece you’ve been dreaming of in your home.   Contact us today to get started on adding beautiful stained glass to your home!

Everything is perfect. The stained glass is beautiful. Such an asset to my home. Highly recommend Scottish Glass.


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