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Stained Glass Entryway Sidelight Panels & Transom Above

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Stained Glass Entryway Sidelight

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Entryway Stained Glass Door & Sidelight

Modern Stained Glass Entryway

Beveled Entryway Stained Glass with Transom and Side Panels

Stained Glass Sidelight & Transoms

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Bathroom Stained Glass

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Bathroom Stained Glass

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Stained Glass Charleston, South Carolina

This historical city is home to some of the most beautiful traditional, colonial architecture in the nation, and we want to help you accentuate it.  Each of our stained glass pieces is custom, so we can create something that you love, and that compliments your traditional home perfectly.

Whether you’re looking to build upon your already traditional home, or add a piece of historically-inspired glass to your living space, our designers will work with you to create something that fits perfectly in your home, and enhances your personal style within your living space.

Adding Stained Glass to Your Charleston Home

Our most popular location for stained glass in Charleston homes is in sidelights and doors.  Our stained glass can give you the opportunity to light your entryway naturally, while still keeping privacy from visitors and passersby.  We recommend using colorless, textured and leaded glass for this area, as it creates a timeless look for your home, and increases the value over time.

While sidelights are our most popular application, we can create glasswork for any area of your home.  Each of our pieces is custom, so we can accommodate any size or shape of your current windows.  Some other great locations for stained glass include transoms, bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.  Browse through our many photos to see examples of each location.

Custom Designed for Your Home

We offer a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, so feel free to browse our stained glass gallery for Charleston a better idea of everything that we can offer.  Our designers can work off of a particular style or a previous design to find the perfect design for your unique project.

Stained Glass Styles & Options

We specialize in many different design styles of stained glass in order to provide each client with the best choices.  Some of these include Prairie Style, Art Deco, Mission, Celtic knots, and Art Nouveau.  Our talented designers can begin from a style that you like, or start something completely from scratch for your unique glasswork.

We offer hundreds of colors, and many texture, etching, and bevel options, and our team will help you make key decisions along the way.  We can create CAD drawings of your custom glass so that you can see it before we actually begin the building process.  Our time-tested process is proven to provide great results every time.

Bathrooms & Showers

A beautiful bathroom is the dream of any Charleston homeowner. Bathroom stained glass is an elegant and unique way to enhance your bathroom while also creating privacy. The texture of the glass helps conceal the interior of your bathroom from neighbors and outsiders without preventing light from getting through your windows. This makes it ideal for places like bathroom windows and interior doors where privacy is necessary, but you don’t want to cover up the area with a curtain. Shower doors, bathroom cabinets, medicine cabinets, and windows above bathtubs are also great choices for our bathroom privacy glass.

Doors, Sidelights & Transoms

Your entryway is more than just a door. It’s a prime opportunity to showcase your style and accentuate your home’s unique architecture. Stained glass doors, sidelights, and transoms are ideal for enhancing entryways and boosting curb appeal. Whether you live in an eclectic neighborhood like South of Broad or a luxury neighborhood like Sullivan’s Island, we can create the perfect stained glass entryway to complement your home’s architecture as well as the rest of your neighborhood. Our windows can give your home an inviting look while also giving your family the privacy and security you need.

Kitchen & Dining

If you’re like most families, your kitchen is probably always buzzing with activity. People spend more time in their kitchens than anywhere else in their homes. It’s the place where you entertain guests and spend time with your family. Adding kitchen stained glass to your home can make your space feel extra special. It’s perfect for adding pops of color and brightening up the room. You can also use it to create privacy between your home and your neighbors or add it to your cabinets to hide clutter.

Bedroom Windows & More

Stained glass can be beautifully integrated into nearly any part of your home. Whether you have a bedroom window that needs privacy or a basement window well that you’d like to cover up, we can create the perfect piece for you. Some of our most popular applications include hallways, stairways, wine cellars, interior doors, and transoms. We will work with you to develop a design that not only appeals to your personal preferences but also aligns with your home’s color scheme and overall appearance.

Church Stained Glass in Charleston

Charleston was founded in 1670 and is the oldest and largest city in South Carolina. It is home to several hundred-year-old churches that have beautiful stained glass. Stained glass is a staple of religious architecture, and has been utilized by churches for thousands of years. If you’re looking to glorify your church with your own set of unique stained glass windows, we can help. We are experts in church stained glass design and have created installations for hundreds of churches throughout the United States. We also offer church stained glass restoration for Charleston houses of worship that are in need of stained glass repair. We will work with your board members or leadership to determine the best course of action and help you achieve your goals.

Hotels, Restaurants & Retail

If you’re the owner of a hotel, restaurant, retail store, or wedding venue, Scottish Stained Glass can create a beautiful stained glass installation for your Charleston commercial property. From elegant windows that can be utilized as backdrops to entire ceilings that illuminate your interior, we can produce a variety of works to uplift and enhance your building. Stained glass is an eye-catching feature that impresses visitors and attracts tourists. Even a simple stained glass sign can do wonders in making your business stand out from the crowd. We will work with you to incorporate whatever elements you desire, from your brand colors to your logo and beyond. You will be amazed by how this one simple addition can completely transform your property and take your business to new heights.

Call Scottish Stained Glass in Charleston

We are the leading stained glass provider in the nation, and our team has been in business for over 20 years.  Our talented designers and builders are committed to meeting the needs of each client completely, and we hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We also hold a gold star rating for exceptional customer service, so you can feel comfortable putting your project in our hands.

Feel free to give us a call or send an email to learn more about adding stained glass to your Charleston home.  We can set up a consultation with a designer, answer any questions, and give you an estimate on adding our products to your home.  We can’t wait to start working on your project today!


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