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Bathroom windows are a beautiful addition to any home, letting natural light into an otherwise
dark area. However, many homeowners forego the benefits of natural light in bathrooms in
lieu of privacy, and cover these windows with blinds or curtains. Unfortunately, these window
treatments are not practical, especially in windows over tubs or in showers, as they can be
ruined by water damage.

Stained glass bathroom windows are the perfect solution. We can work with any size or shape
of window that you have, and you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. Let our experts
show you the possibilities in your Colorado Springs home today!

Choosing Bathroom Stained Glass Windows

When your bathroom window treatments have become a problem, stained glass windows are
the solution. Here’s how we can fix the issues:

● Privacy: By using textured and beveled glass, you’ll be able to obscure vision through
your bathroom windows without sacrificing the natural light in your bathroom. Why not
enjoy your bathroom to the fullest?

● Damage control: With traditional window treatments, you’ll notice damage due to over-
exposure to moisture over time. We can actually seal your leaded glass between two
regular panes of glass, keeping your piece safe, and making the window easy to clean.

● Style: Most curtains and blinds simply don’t look great in any bathroom. Stained glass
can be made custom to suit your style perfectly, so you’ll be able to complement the
design elements of the rest of your home and of your bathroom.

● Size freedom: Because every window is made to order, you won’t have to worry about
any of those odd shaped windows in your bathrooms, or anywhere else in your home for
that matter. We can accommodate all sizes and shapes of windows.

The process for bathroom stained glass in Colorado Springs begins with an in-home
consultation with a designer. Your designer will bring tons of great photos and glass samples to
give you a better idea of the options you have for your home, and of what styles you prefer. We
can even sketch out several options to show you what each design will look like in your unique

Our team has been creating and installing stained glass windows for more than 20 years, and
we are proud to have perfected the process. You can count on us for a high-quality window that
you’ll love in your home for many years to come, and that will actually increase the value of your
home as well!

Colorado Springs Stained Glass

If you have any questions about the styles and options for creating your own bathroom stained
glass windows, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email for more information. We are
always happy to help, and we can schedule your in-home consultation to get started right away!

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