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Custom Stained Glass Bathrooms for Classy Colorado Springs Homes

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When it comes to the bathroom, our Colorado Springs clients want that room to be as well-designed and well-decorated as any other room in the home. If you want something extra special in your bathroom, there are various applications of stained glass that could take it to a whole new level of décor.

Our Colorado Springs stained glass customers usually ask for colorless, leaded stained glass in their bathroom windows. This gives them the privacy they need and the aesthetic boost they want.
Applications for bathroom stained glass can include the bathroom window, any shower window or skylight, a picture or bay window, or even the glass shower enclosure or shower door. And if any bathroom windows open onto a less-than-appealing view, stained glass can block that view while still letting in the sunlight.

If a bathroom has a door leading to a private toilet or walk-in closet, those doors can have stained glass inserts as well, to pull together and unify the look.

Take a look at some of the custom bathroom stained glass we have created for Colorado Springs clients and other clients by clicking here. (Click on any thumbnail photo to enlarge it and better see the detail.) Can you imagine any of these windows in your own bathrooms? Gorgeous, aren’t they? Classy to the max, if we do say so ourselves. That’s because we have twenty years of experience and use a combination of modern computer design and traditional stained glass methods to hand build each custom window we create.

Bathroom stained glass can give Colorado Springs homeowners just the look they were seeking and the privacy as well. For installation in very wet areas such as the shower, we use a special installation technique that protects the stained glass window or panel from moisture, ensuring it will look gorgeous for many generations to come.

And although we mentioned that most of our Colorado Springs stained glass customers prefer colorless windows in their bathrooms, each window we do is custom designed to your tastes. So it can be as vividly colored, as simple, or as intricate as you’d like.

In Colorado Springs, how would you get the ball rolling to commission custom bathroom stained glass? Simple. Give us a call and we’ll set up an in-home appointment with a local stained glass designer. Once the design is settled, the piece or pieces will be hand-built in our local stained glass studio and then installed into your bathroom.

For the highest quality custom bathroom stained glass in Colorado Springs, please contact us today.

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