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Religious Stained Glass for Colorado Springs Houses of Worship

Religious stained glass, also known as church stained glass, has a long and beautiful history around the world. Many of Colorado Springs churches, chapels, cathedrals, rectories, funeral homes, and temples already have some stained glass in their buildings.

The reason for this is simple: it is not just a tradition of aesthetic beauty, but of inspiration and enhancing a worshipper’s experience. With religious stained glass, Colorado Springs churches can join in this tradition while maintaining their own style. When most people think of religious or church stained glass, they imagine images of saints, icons, crosses, or even full-blown biblical scenes. Here at Scottish Stained Glass, we have built many such stained glass windows for area churches and other religious institutions.

However, there are other types of stained glass that can work as well, including abstract or geometric patterns that do glorious things when the light flows through, but do not literally reference any particular faith. And there are even more modern designs some of our Colorado Springs religious stained glass clients are asking us for, such as olive branches or doves to symbolize peace.

Which kind of design a church will choose for stained glass windows depends entirely on the tastes and needs of their denomination and their congregation. The building’s architecture can play a role in deciding on the stained glass pattern or design as well.

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In our two plus decades in the custom stained glass business, Scottish has worked with area churches that were in the brand new building phase as well as older churches that have been around for generations.

To see some of the religious and church stained glass we have already designed, built and installed, please click here for our religious stained glass photo gallery. Notice the wide differences in style and design, and that some of our religious clients have even chosen colorless stained glass windows, using beveled glass to catch and refract the sun’s rays.

We do fully customized religious stained glass for Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. This means that we will come to the church or other location, survey the building and which windows the stained glass will be installed into, and help create the perfect design. Perhaps you already know exactly what you are looking for? Perhaps you’d like several designs sketched out to be decided upon by your planning board? Perhaps you want stained glass inspired by one of Europe’s great cathedrals?

Whatever style, design, pattern, or colors of church stained glass you are looking for, we can design it and build it. So for religious or church stained glass, Colorado Springs or the surrounding locales, we hope you’ll contact us today and set up a no-cost appointment.

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