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Columbus’ Premier Custom Stained Glass Studio

Columbus, Ohio is an up-and-coming Midwest city with a diverse economy, rich history, family-oriented attitude, and promising growth. There is notable architecture within the city, some including styles such as Greek Revival and Art Deco. With a prominent university in the city, the population is varied. There are many neighborhoods in Columbus which can be difficult to define because they include large areas that continue to develop, and often times, there are sub-neighborhoods within them. Because of the vast amount of neighborhoods and diverse population, the city’s homes vary in design and style, as do the commercial buildings. There are historical, contemporary, traditional, trendy, and even eclectic styles that extend through the city and neighborhoods of Columbus. No matter what Columbus neighborhood your home is in, Scottish Stained Glass can create a hand-crafted and unique piece of art for your residence that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. All of our stained and leaded glass windows are custom-designed which makes it possible to reflect both you and your home’s distinctive style.

Residential Stained Glass for Your Columbus Home

Within a larger city such as Columbus, rampant with cultural and architectural diversity, it is important to make your house feel like a home. Though all of our stained glass windows are custom made and designed, the designers at Scottish Stained glass have created pieces that are influenced by a variety of styles. We have created stained and leaded glass windows that reflect the designs of some of Columbus’ main architectural attractions, such as Art Deco. We have also worked with contemporary, Celtic, Prairie Style, and traditional styles. Whatever your personal style preference may be, Scottish Stained Glass can reflect it in the window’s design.

Our custom stained glass is the perfect addition to any Columbus home because no matter the size, shape, or location of your existing windows, we can create a unique and beautiful piece, individualized for you. Privacy is an important issue in every home. Many neighborhoods in Columbus have houses that are built fairly close together, allowing neighbors to see into your home, especially at night. This is particularly relevant in areas such as entryways, bathrooms, and bedrooms that can allow direct views into the interior spaces. Scottish Stained Glass can functionally, elegantly, and affordably solve this problem by installing stained and leaded glass windows. The views into your home are eliminated through a variety of textured glass, but you do not lose the natural light from the Ohio sun, which is especially important when the Midwestern clouds tend to block it so often.

Privacy is not the only practical reason to apply stained glass in your Columbus home. Basement windows are another practical yet interesting location to apply stained glass. Natural light is important in basements, but often times there are unattractive views of window wells that you want to avoid. Stained glass will allow that natural light to keep coming into space while replacing the unpleasant view with a beautiful, customized piece. We have also installed many of our stained glass pieces in kitchens, both in windows and in cabinets. Stained glass in your kitchen cabinets is a great way to lighten a kitchen while incorporating unique design elements. If you have a bar in your home, we can also incorporate stained glass as a hanging piece, bar front, or backsplash. So for all of you OSU fans, keep in mind that it’s the perfect opportunity to show your classy side and your team spirit!

Custom Religious Stained Glass for Columbus Churches and Other Houses of Worship

Scottish Stained Glass delivers beautiful, one-of-a-kind religious stained glass for Columbus churches of any denomination. We specialize in creating stained glass features that’ll be treasured by your congregation for decades, even centuries. Inspire your community with a custom stained glass piece that reflects the important values to your church– attract new congregation members, improve property value, and much more.

Religious Stained Glass Restoration for Columbus Houses of Worship

We provide the most detailed, extensive restorations for religious stained glass throughout the Columbus area. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing that we properly preserve the antique value of your stained glass and making sure that future generations of your congregation will continue to be inspired by the powerful symbolism, imagery, and historical value. Restoration can actually add another century to your stained glass’ life!

Ohio Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass serves all of Columbus, as well as the entire state of Ohio, including Cleveland, Toledo, Dayton, Canton, and Cincinnati. The talented designers at Scottish Stained Glass will work with you to design gorgeous, high-quality stained glass windows. Our extensive, thorough, yet fun and exciting design process allows us to communicate with you over the phone, through mail, and via computers. No matter your location, all of these steps ensure that your custom stained glass window design and installation process goes smoothly. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your stained glass project soon!

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