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Scottish Stained Glass Las Vegas, Nevada

Scottish Stained Glass, the nations most successful stained glass studio has finally opened it’s Las Vegas stained glass division. We’re bringing our incredible ideas and craftsmanship to this incredible desert town. A glance at any of the photos on this page, or the rest of our site, will probably get your creative juices flowing.

Let us show you the many ways stained glass can enhance the beauty and elegance of your home. We have a wide array of designs, or you can work with one of our trained artisans and create your own panels, windows, or doors.

Imagine these beautiful beveled or colored glass designs in your home, with that stunning desert light pouring through creating wondrous patterns of light and shadow…

Many of our new homes in Las Vegas are built quite close together which keeps the cost down but leaves us often staring into our neighbors homes and vice versa. In many cases these windows may be in a bathroom or around a front entryway where it’s just not practical to install a traditional window blind or curtain.  But still, you’d like some privacy, wouldn’t you?

Or perhaps the view out your windows is less than desireable?

The perfect answer for Las Vegas is stained glass. It allows the natural light to come through, enhancing the glow in your rooms, all the while preventing unwanted viewers from taking a peek at you in your jammies.

Las Vegas Stained Glass — Custom Designed and Hand Crafted

Every piece of our Las Vegas stained glass is custom made for you and hand crafted by skilled artisans. Our styles range from the most traditional Celtic symbols that our ancestors used, to modern geometrics, floral designs and the ever popular styles popularized by the great architect Prairie Style.

Did you know that the highest percentage of stained glass that we install is clear, not colored? This glass comes in a wide variety of textures, and can be completely clear to fully opaque and everything in between.

Installation of Scottish stained glass is quicker and simpler than you might imagine.  In most cases it can be installed right over the top of your existing glass, to protect the stained glass at the same time as it preserves the insulating qualities of the windows.

Las Vegas Stained Glass is more affordable than you might imagine!

Best of all, our Las Vegas stained glass is affordable with prices starting as low as $150.00 per square foot. Tell us about a place in your home where stained glass would make a great addition and we’d be delighted to send you some ideas and designs.

We combine this ancient art form with modern technology. You can even see exactly what your stained glass windows or doors will look like in your home through our up-to-the minute CAD computer technology.

Add Glorious Color & Beauty to your Church with Stained Glass in Las Vegas

If you belong to a religious body in Las Vegas that is looking for the assistance of a stained glass professional, we would be happy to work with you on your project. Whether your group is erecting a new church, expanding your current one, or simply making some renovations, we would be thrilled to discuss the details with your church board. We specialize in manufacturing custom religious stained glass and are able to produce a variety of aesthetics using various mediums, including acrylic painted glass, contemporary and leaded glass, and more.

Stained glass windows make church interiors look elegant and enchanting. Visitors often remark about how grateful they are to be able to attend a church that has been made beautiful with stained glass and appreciate the privacy it provides. Stained glass transoms create a welcoming entryway for churches, stained glass doors make magnificent additions to balconies, staircases, and private rooms, and sanctuary stained glass is truly a sight to behold. And if you ever need someone to make repairs to your Las Vegas church stained glass, our restoration team is fully prepared to handle the job. For more information on our services, contact our office.

Preserve the Beauty & History of Your Church with Stained Glass Restoration

Did you know that there’s over 500 churches in Las Vegas? Religious architecture is an important part of Las Vegas’ culture and history. Sadly, many of these churches are nearing an age where they’re starting to degrade structurally and need to be renovated.

If you belong to a church in Las Vegas that needs stained glass restoration, we can help. We are very familiar with antique church windows. In fact, our owner, Martin Faith, is an antique collector as well as a gifted stained glass artisan himself. We’ve helped numerous churches find solutions that have allowed them to keep and preserve their stained glass, all while staying within budget. And we’d love to help yours do the same.

Whether your stained glass has been impacted by hail, dust storms, or simply the passage of time, we’d be happy to take a look at the damage and see what can be done for the repairs. Ninety-nine percent of the time, we’re able to find a solution that allows the church to keep its stained glass. And if repairs are needed, we will operate in a conservative manner to get them done, preserving as much of the historic glass as possible. Call us today to learn more about how we can help!

Custom Retail Stained Glass Displays & Windows

In the retail business, you don’t just sell products. You sell a lifestyle. When customers walk into your retail store, you have the opportunity to sell them that lifestyle by giving them a taste of the experience. With retail stained glass for your Las Vegas store, you can create an enchanting appearance that captivates your customers and leads them to purchase your products.

The contrast between the vintage look of stained glass and the look of a contemporary store or boutique can create a beautiful and interesting aesthetic. Not only will customers be amused by the beautiful stained glass in your display windows, dressing rooms, or interior, but they’ll also remember your store better. And once your brand has made that kind of memorable impact, you’re in the home run stretch. You’ll be amazed at how much your traffic and purchases increase, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t invest in retail stained glass sooner!

Nevada Stained Glass

While Las Vegas is has the greatest need for stained glass in Nevada, we also serve the rest of the state, including Carson City and Reno. Whether you need stained glass for your home, office, casino, church or restuarant, Scottish can help you achieve your goals.

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