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Scottish Stained Glass in Memphis

Memphis is a dense, urban area full of many different styles and personal tastes.  At Scottish Stained Glass, we take pride in creating pieces that appeal to each specific customer, as well as the needs of each specific home.  We’ve created over 40,000 stained glass pieces, and you can feel confident working with an experienced, talented team when you add our products to your home.

The architecture in Memphis ranges from classic, colonial style homes, to sleek, modern buildings.  No matter what style your home is, our talented designers can work with you to create a window that is cohesive with your architecture, as well as your own wants and needs for the piece.

Stained Glass Applications in Your Home

Since every project is completely custom, we can work with any size or shape of window, anywhere in your home. Some of the most popular locations for stained glass in Memphis homes are in entryways, sidelights, kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Adding textured or beveled glass to your front door or sidelights is a great way to illuminate your entryway, without sacrificing privacy.  Sidelights are meant to provide a pathway for natural light to enter your home, but people often end up covering these windows to ensure privacy.  With our glasswork, you don’t have to choose between natural light and privacy.  Our many etched design options keep peeking eyes out, and they add a work of art to your home at the same time!

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and what better place to add beautiful stained glass to your Memphis abode?  Many of the neighborhoods in this metropolitan city feature beautiful homes, but they are often very close together.  Adding textured glass work can create an interesting focal point for this room, and give you privacy from close-by neighbors.  Let us help you make this well-loved room even more popular for your family and friends.

Our designers have built thousands of stained glass creations over the years, and they’re excited to start working on yours! We have the ability to take your dreams for adding glasswork to your home, and make them a reality.  Your designer will begin by consulting you, so they can get a better idea of the styles and preferences you have.  They will then help you each step of the way, assisting in key decisions, and showing you CAD drawings of you piece so that you can feel completely comfortable with your purchase.

The Scottish Difference

Scottish Stained Glass is the leading provider of stained glass not only in Memphis, but all over the country.  We use only the best glass products available, and all of our designers and builders make up a passionate, talented team you can count on.

Feel free to browse our many photos on this site to get a better idea of the options we offer, and to help us get to know your preferences.  Give us a call or send an email with any questions about our process, or to set up a consultation today!


We are just thrilled with the service and quality of Scottish Stained Glass! Terri helped us choose a design, and gave us artistic freedom to create our own design. We were emailed within a week, an amazingly close replica of what it would look like to approve before making the windows. Our installer was so professional and polite, he worked very fast and cleaned everything up. The windows were completed 3 weeks early! We would recommend Scottish Stained Glass to anyone who wants a professional, quality, affordable, stained glass.


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