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Religious Stained Glass Restoration & Repair in Phoenix

Religious stained glass restoration and repair are a big part of what we do here at Scottish Stained Glass. It is also something we enjoy doing because it is so rewarding. For over two decades we have been privileged to be able to preserve some of this nation’s most gorgeous and historical church stained glass. We have done so on windows in chapels vast and petite. Our breadth of experience means we now have the skills to restore or repair any church stained glass window. Stained glass restoration is something that requires a deep knowledge of old and new repair methods and we have both. However, it is also important for a stained glass restoration expert, like Scottish, to understand how to communicate with religious bodies. We understand there are as many opinions as there are stakeholders and each needs to be considered. Also, there is an emotional attachment to stained glass among parishioners. After two decades of experience working with delicate stained glass and sometimes delicate church politics–we understand how to diplomatically navigate. WHich is why Scottish Stained Glass is a fantastic choice to handle your Phoenix church stained glass restoration.

The Church Stained Glass Restoration Process

The first step in any church stained glass restoration or repair is the appointment to have us inspect your glass. We examine every detail closely determining whether your stained glass needs a drop-in repair or a full restoration. Once this is done we give you a bid with clear and detailed pricing and scope as well as a proposed timeline. Cost is always difficult for church stained glass restorations, so, we offer help. We have plenty of advice from our past restoration on how to raise money for your church windows. Historical grants and fundraising are just a couple of the things we have seen other churches do to finance their new glass. Once the stained chapel stained glass restoration is funded, we start the repair, restoration or replacement process. You can read more about this here.

Repair, Restore or Replace Stained Glass Windows on Your Phoenix Church?

The question of whether to restore or repair the stained glass in your Phoenix church has to do with the condition of the windows. Some damage is simple to repair without removing the windows at all. Things like small missing pieces of leading or slightly cracked stained glass panels—usually can be done with the windows in place. However, if the damage is extensive or affects the structure it will likely need to be restored. Also, windows that are more than 80 years old usually need restoration since stained glass windows were built to last about that long before needing it. At Scottish, we have the skills and infrastructure in place to remove even the largest church stained glass windows for the restoration. And don’t worry–the look of the window will not change at all–just become more brilliant and lovely after we are done.   

The Question of Restoration vs. Replacement

Whether to restore or replace stained glass windows can become a matter of great debate for some churches. While it is true we make stunning custom stained glass windows for churches all the time if your church windows have historical value–you may want to consider restoration. Also, in churches, stained glass tends to have a lot of sentimental value among parishioners. So, when considering the cost of restoring vs. repairing be sure to think about the countless events your Phoenix church windows have witnessed: first communions, marriages, and funerals. Unless the stained glass is extensively damaged, we usually suggest restoring this priceless part of your Phoenix church.  

To get an idea of what type of repairs your Phoenix church’s stained glass windows need, get the conversation started today by contacting us at Scottish Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona is the country’s largest capital city. With so many people in Phoenix, a diverse population and culture have developed. Subsequently, the architecture and design found in this city have been shaped by their interesting, unique, and striking surroundings. One prominent design style that is often found in this area is labeled as “South-Western”. This refers to designs that are characterized by earth-tone colors, rough textures, geometrical patterns, and handcrafted objects.

Phoenix residents are style-conscious, and proud of their homes. A custom-designed piece of Scottish Stained Glass makes a fantastic focal point to any room and makes a showpiece out of your house. Consider a hanging panel on a living room wall, instead of a painting. Or even a beveled glass shower door? There are many ways you can add the beauty and value of stained glass to your home.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we create custom, handcrafted pieces of all shapes and sizes. We have worked on many stained glass windows inspired by the southwestern style, incorporating strong linear patterns and colors such as neutral earth-tones (browns and deep reds) as well as bright colors (turquoise, yellows, and oranges). Or you could go the opposite route, and custom design any type of pattern that appeals to you.

We have also worked with a variety of other designs inspirations including Frank Lloyd Wright, Art Deco, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Celtic, Art Nouveau, Greene & Greene, and Mission. No matter your personal décor preference, Scottish Stained glass has the ability to create a beautiful, unique stained glass piece for you and your home.  Feel free to browse through the design galleries on this site for inspiration… or you could even come up with your own design.

Scottish Stained Glass is the perfect addition to any Phoenix home, no matter the shape, size, or location of your existing windows. If you have a sidelight in your entryway or a window in your bathroom and would like privacy while still letting natural light from the Arizona sun, stained glass is an affordable and elegant solution. Stained glass also deflects the direct light, helping to avoid unnecessary and excessive heat in a certain space. Stained glass in your kitchen cabinets is a great way to lighten a kitchen while incorporating unique works of art.

Custom Commercial Stained Glass for Phoenix Properties

Custom stained glass offers numerous benefits for commercial properties throughout the Phoenix area. Experience brand visibility, visual marketing, and much more. A beautiful stained glass feature can transform your existing property, attracting new guests and helping retain repeat guests. Enhance the buyer experience with beautiful, custom stained glass features that attract visitors from all over. Commercial stained glass can add functionality, beauty, and privacy.

Arizona Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass serves not only Phoenix but also the rest of the state. Whether you are in Flagstaff, Sedona, Scottsdale, Tucson, or any other Arizona city or town, the designers at Scottish Stained Glass will work with you to design high-quality, beautiful stained glass windows. Our extensive and thorough design process allows us to communicate with you over the phone, through the mail, and via computers. All of these steps ensure that your custom stained glass window design and installation process goes smoothly no matter your location. We look forward to working with you on your stained glass project soon!

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