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Stained Glass Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is a metropolitan area with a wide array of styles in homes, and an even wider array of personal styles.  At Scottish Stained Glass, we are proud to serve this city, and the entire state of Pennsylvania, no matter what styles you want in your home.

Our team is dedicated to customer satisfaction, and you can feel confident putting your stained glass project in the hands of our talented designers.  With the beautiful natural surroundings of this city, let us show you how we can bring a piece of the outdoors into your home.

Stained Glass for Your Pittsburgh Home

Each project we complete is custom, which means we can add stained glass anywhere in your home, no matter what size or shape you need.   Our designers will ensure a perfect fit for each build, and you’ll end up with a perfect piece of glass, no matter how big or small.

Stained Glass Sidelights & Entryways

One of our most popular applications of stained glass in Pittsburgh homes is in sidelights.  Our many design, texture, and bevel options allow you to create a sidelight that will let natural light illuminate your entryway, without giving up your privacy. Additionally, we also offer custom door inserts, transoms, and complete entryways. Our custom glass is an elegant and practical way to enhance your home’s front entrance and can help you create a strong first impression. Whether you’re looking to maximize your security by creating privacy or draw more light into your front room or foyer, we will craft the perfect piece for you.

Kitchen Windows & Cabinets

The kitchen is another beautiful application of our products.  We can add stained glass to your kitchen windows, or add unique glass to your cabinets, adding a personal flair and letting you show your style in a new way.  We can create cabinet doors that hide the inside or display your kitchen gadgets. Or if you have an open layout and would like to separate your dining room to create a more intimate setting, we can create beautiful stained glass interior doors to divide your space without closing it off completely. This is an ideal option for homeowners who like to host dinners and parties. Kitchen hutches, pantry doors, and light fixtures are also beautiful choices for stained and leaded glass.

Bathroom Privacy Windows

If you’re like most people, you probably have a curtain hanging in your bathroom for the sake of privacy. The problem is, when you cover up your bathroom windows, you block out light and make the room look smaller than it really is. Stained glass is a fantastic alternative that can give you the privacy you need without making your bathroom dark inside. We offer moisture-resistant options like our SIG (sealed-in-glass) windows which are ideal for bathrooms. Additionally, many of our customers choose to have stained glass added to their showers, cabinets, and transoms.

Bedrooms & More

Some other common locations for our products in homes include bedrooms, interior doors, transoms, and basements.  No matter where you want to add a piece of glass artwork to your home, our talented designers will help you make key decisions along the way.

Designs & Styles

We also specialize in many different designs to accommodate many different homes and personal styles.  These include Mackintosh, Prairie Style, Mission, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau.  We can base your stained glass off of one of these styles, one of our previous designs, or create something completely from scratch.  No matter what you choose, you can count on a piece of glasswork that is all your own.

Commercial Buildings

Pittsburgh has always been a sports-loving city, and if you own a sports bar, consider adding stained glass to your business for a charming and personal touch.  We can create custom stained glass bar signs to give your service area extra character.  Each piece is unique, so we can use colors and textures that complement the interior of your business.

Churches, Temples & Cathedrals

If you’re looking for a timeless, unique work of art to add to your church or house of worship in Pittsburgh, stained glass is a marvelous option. It has been a hallmark characteristic of religious architecture for thousands of years and is a tradition upheld by many churches today.

Not only does stained glass add beauty to churches, but it also creates a private, intimate setting for worship that parishioners appreciate. Gazing up at a stained glass window illuminated by the sun is a much more calming and uplifting experience than looking out onto a busy street or distracting view. What’s more, attendees can feel confident knowing that their privacy is respected, making the church feel almost as if it’s a second home.

At Scottish Stained Glass, we are experts in religious stained glass design. Pittsburgh churches of all types and denominations have entrusted us to create beautiful and lasting artwork for their building. We can create something meaningful for your church that establishes your identity in the community and builds your legacy.

Church Stained Glass Restoration

In addition to creating new stained glass for churches, we also offer services for stained glass repair and restoration. In Pittsburgh, the weather can take a toll on church windows and cause them to degrade over time. Whether your church has been affected by vandalism, inclement weather, or simply the passage of time, we can help you address the damage and prevent it from getting worse. We will work closely with you to identify areas of concern and create a plan for rejuvenating your stained glass back to its original state and beauty.

Contact Scottish Stained Glass in Pittsburgh

You can feel confident putting your project in our experienced hands.  Our team holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, alongside a gold star for excellent customer service.  We are also the leading stained glass provider in the nation, and we work with only the best installers to ensure a great end result with each client.

Feel free to give us a call or send an email if you want to learn more about our products or our process.  Our experts are waiting to answer your questions, set up a consultation, and give you an estimate on adding stained glass to your home.


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