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San Antonio Stained Glass Sidelights

Add a touch of elegance to the entryway of your home in San Antonio with stained glass sidelights. Sidelights are tall, narrow windows that are usually placed on either side of an entry way door. They allow natural light to enter your home and illuminate your interior space while also serving as a stunning piece of art. By opting for a stained glass sidelight, you can increase the curb appeal of your home without sacrificing your family’s privacy or security. Whether you want a glass entryway that compliments the Victorian architecture of your home or you’re seeking a more modern design such as colored glass, we can fully customize your stained glass sidelights to achieve an appearance that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Some Benefits of Stained Glass Sidelights

If you’re in the process of remodelling your home, you may want to consider giving your foyer or entryway some attention. Your entryway is your visitors’ first and sometimes only view of your home, and therefore is vital to creating a positive first impression. This area should be a welcoming, inviting space that also makes a statement about your identity, tastes, and personality. Stained glass sidelights and windows are not only beneficial for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home, but also have many other benefits, including:
Increased privacy: When a visitor approaches your home and rings your doorbell, it’s only natural for them to glance into the windows near your door. This allows them to see who is coming to answer the door, but it also can leave you feeling exposed to the gaze of strangers. Stained glass provides an opting for achieving many of the benefits of sidelights while also providing you and your family with privacy. Our experts can design your sidelights with a customized level of visibility by using textured glass and carefully placed bevels.
Security: Along the same note, decreasing the visibility that guests have to the inside of your home is not only important for providing you with personal privacy, but it also helps to protect your belongings. Burglary and theft are more likely to occur when someone has a direct line of sight to valuable items. By replacing your traditional sidelight with stained glass, you can sleep soundly at night know that your home is a safe, secure place.
Enhance your curb appeal: Stained glass sidelights serve as a stunning focal point for your home’s exterior. Customized glass entrances are an eye-catching feature due to their reflective properties and artistic designs.By enhancing the outward appearance of your home, you make it more appealing for prospective buyers.
Increase the equity of your home: Renovating your home is a sure way to increase its resale value, as well as draw the attention of potential buyers. What better way to start with your renovations than the very first room of your home? We’ll create a gorgeous glass design for your door or sidelights to help increase your home equity and captivate all your guests.

Customize Your San Antonio Stained Glass Sidelight Design with Scottish

Begin the process of renovating your home in San Antonio with stained glass sidelights from Scottish Stained Glass. The creation of your glass entryway will start with a detailed, in-person consultation with our expert designers. We will show you photographs of stained glass sidelight designs, give you a tour of our showroom, and discuss your options for color, texture, and other customizable features. To get started on your custom glass sidelights, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

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