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Springfield, Massachusetts Scottish Stained Glass

Springfield is a densely populated metropolitan city with the nickname (one of many) “The City of Homes,” because of the vast rows of Victorian style houses.  Scottish Stained Glass is the perfect way to compliment your Victorian style home with colored glass to match the tones of the exterior of your house, or clear, classic styles to create a timeless look.

At Scottish Stained Glass we create distinctive glass pieces so that even in a densely populated city like Springfield, we can accommodate the wide range of styles and personal taste when it comes to your windows and doors.

Whether you live in a modern downtown home, or one of the many Victorian houses in Springfield, Scottish Stained Glass can create your dream glass addition.  Our designers are experts at fashioning beautiful etched, leaded glass for transoms and large windows in your home, and we can always fit our products into your existing window frames.

Colored stained glass is not always appropriate for modern homes, but in Victorian homes, stained glass often compliments the existing charm and structure of your house.  We can build classic designs such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau, or more contemporary designs like Prairie Style. Our designers can take you through the many styles we specialize in, and go from there to begin creating a piece that is all your own.

Springfield is also known as “The City of Firsts,” because it has always been a city full of innovative ideas and technological advances.  Be the first in your “City of Firsts” neighborhood to add a distinctive piece of the best stained glass product available in your home.

Scottish Stained Glass in Your Springfield Home

Homes today are often built very close together, and you may be worried about your privacy from peeking neighbors or visitors.  With Scottish Stained Glass, you can choose a design that will both look beautiful, and give you the privacy you need.  We can create windows and doors with textures or etched designs that let natural light in, but keep peeking eyes out.  This can be particularly important if you live in the metropolitan area of Springfield.

One of the most beautiful applications of stained glass is etched and beveled windows for bathrooms.  Browse through our gallery of striking bathroom stained glass windows that we have installed in homes all over the country to get an idea of how one of our windows can transform your bathroom.  Bathrooms often don’t see a lot of natural light, but if you add a Scottish Stained Glass piece, you can use the sunlight to your advantage, while keeping the room private.

Scottish Stained Glass in Massachusetts

Scottish Stained Glass serves more than just Springfield.  We can design custom pieces for your Massachusetts home, wherever you are located, and our design team will work with you over the phone, email, and through our website.  We want to make sure that no matter where you are your stained glass experience is a great one!


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