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St. Louis Stained Glass

St. Louis sits on the beautiful Mississippi River, and the lush natural surroundings often draw people to this metropolitan city.  With many different styles of homes, and even more different personal tastes, let Scottish Stained Glass show you how we can smoothly incorporate stained glass into your Missouri home, no matter what styles you prefer.

Whether you own a traditional home with columns and a wrap-around porch, or modern home in the heart of the city, we can build a piece that flows perfectly with the look of your living space.  Our team has experience in a wide array of styles, and each piece is custom so you can count a look you’ll love for years to come!

Stained Glass in Your St. Louis Home

Adding stained glass sidelights can brighten any home, and we have so many styles to choose from so you can find the perfect addition for your unique home.  By adding leaded and textured glass to your sidelights, you can keep your privacy intact, and still let natural light into your home.  These windows will create a beautiful, inviting entryway, and build a great first impression for any visitors.

Every piece of our stained glass is custom built, which means we can create a window for any area of your home, regardless of the shape or size that you need.  Some other popular applications in St. Louis homes include doors, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, transoms, and basements.

Styles & Custom Designs

We are proud to have the ability to serve each client, no matter what styles of stained glass they prefer.  We specialize in a wide array of design styles, including Prairie Style, Mission, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Celtic knots, and Mackintosh.

For your project, we can begin from one of these styles, a previous design, or start from scratch.  Feel free to browse our designs page to get a better idea of what each style entails.  No matter which route you choose, our designers will help you create something that is all your own.

From Classic to Contemporary

We understand that every homeowner is different. While some may have a vision for what they want to accomplish others look to us for guidance. Additionally, everyone’s aesthetic preferences are different. While some may prefer a more subtle, timeless look, others may relish the idea of a bold, flashy showpiece. Your neighborhood and style of home can also play a role in dictating the outcome of your design. While a colorful design can be perfect for a trendy neighborhood downtown or in the Loop area, a more traditional design may be better suited for historic neighborhoods like Benton Park. We offer endless styles of stained glass to accommodate your preferences, from classic and elegant to contemporary and striking.  All of our designs are custom-made so you can rest assured that you’re getting a completely original and unique work of art.

Kitchen & Bathroom

A beautifully designed kitchen or bathroom never fails to impress. When guests come to visit your home for the first time, kitchen and bathroom stained glass can make all the difference in producing a positive impression. Our windows are both a practical and elegant choice for these areas of your home and can increase your privacy while also preserving natural light. Whether incorporated into cabinets, closet doors, or windows, stained glass is a standout feature that can take an ordinary room and make it look instantly fabulous.

Doors, Sidelights & Entryways

Your entryway is the first impression that visitors get of your home. And for some of your neighbors or passersby, it may be the only thing they see. Stained glass can make your entryway stand out and give your home impressive curb appeal. What’s more, it’s also useful for creating privacy and can help give your family a sense of security by keeping your belongings hidden and tucked away from the public eye. At Scottish Stained Glass, we offer a variety of options for sidelights, front doors, transoms, and more.

Bedrooms & More

There are endless opportunities for incorporating stained and leaded glass into your St. Louis home. Bedrooms, basements, hallways, and wine cellars are all outstanding choices. Whether your goal is to increase privacy or cover up an attractive view such as a neighbor’s wall or window well, our designers will work with you to make it happen. We can even make recommendations for certain styles or glass colors that will complement your existing decor. From Lafayette Square to Soulard, we work all throughout the St. Louis area!

Expert Installation & Support

Another great reason to go with Scottish Stained Glass for adding a piece of glasswork to your home is our simple installations.  We usually bond the stained glass to your existing window, which means you won’t have to worry about a messy construction area in your home.  This process protects the new piece of glass, and better insulates your window as a whole.

Adding stained glass to your home offers endless options, so it’s important to work with an experienced team that you can trust.  Our expert designers take the time to learn about your needs to better help you along the way, and to narrow down the choices to a hand-picked selection that works best for your home.

Contact Scottish Stained Glass in St. Louis

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to serve St. Louis, and all of Missouri, with the best quality stained glass available.  We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and we are the leading stained glass provider in the nation, so you can feel great about working with an experienced, reliable team for your project.

Feel free to give us a call or send an email if you have any questions about our products, or to set up a consultation with a designer today.  We can’t wait to get started on your stained glass project in St. Louis!


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