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A common feature in Denver architecture is the transom window. The most common place to find it is over a front door, usually in a half-moon or rectangular shape. But transoms may also appear in the living room, dining room, or various other parts of a home. Transom windows are those smaller windows that either sit above another window or door, or perch near the ceiling.

Their purpose? To add interest and let in more light. But many Denver homeowners are seeking to make use of their transoms in a whole new way, by making them an actual focal point of the room to add uniqueness and beauty. With the installation of custom stained glass, Denver transom windows can take center stage in a room, or just add that “cool quotient” that unifies a room’s décor and takes it from nice to fabulous.

Click here to see some of the custom stained glass transom windows we have designed, built, and installed for our Denver stained glass clients over the past two decades.

Are there transoms in your home? Perhaps you’ve never even thought about doing anything with them. But there can be practical, as well as aesthetic purposes for adding stained glass to these windows. Perhaps that strong Denver sun beating through your transoms heats up your living room too much. You love the extra light, but not the heat. Adding stained glass can block a bit of that light.

Or perhaps you live downtown, and neighbors in the next building can see in through your transoms. No one likes that, and it isn’t the sort of window you could put a curtain or shade on. But you could add some colorless, leaded stained glass that would give you the privacy you want while still letting in the light.

Or perhaps you’ve decorated a room down to the tiniest detail, but it still seems to be missing that something special to say it’s really done. Custom stained glass transom windows give Denver homeowners just that extra something they’ve been looking for.

To create custom stained glass transom windows for your Denver area home, the process is really quite simple. One of our Denver stained glass designers will come right to your home and show you many photos of designs and patterns to choose from. Or you can design your own pattern, or show us a photo of something you love for us to work from. Once the transom design is finalized, the materials will be ordered and one of our highly trained Denver stained glass artisans will cut and assemble each piece of glass. Next step, installation.

Many of our clients report being astonished at how much more beautiful our custom transom windows are than they had imagined, and how much they add to the look of any room.

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