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Ft. Collins Bathroom Stained Glass

Many of our Fort Collins customers are initially surprised when we suggest bathroom stained glass for their homes. But once they think about it and see some examples, they become excited about the possibilities.

Of course, the main purpose of stained glass is to add beauty. But in a bathroom, stained glass can be a real multi-tasker.


Benefits of Bathroom Stained Glass for Fort Collins Homes

1. It adds a high-end designer look that elevates the bathroom’s décor.

2. It adds value to your home.

3. It solves decorating problems by adding in custom art work.

4. It solves privacy problems, particularly with the use of leaded stained glass windows that are made of colorless, frosted glass. This affords the privacy you need in the bathroom without blocking the sunlight.

5. It brings your bathroom’s décor up to the look of the rest of the house.

Applications for Stained Glass in Fort Collins Bathrooms

1. Any windows, whether they are in the shower stall, behind the tub, or just on any bathroom wall. Where there’s glass, there can be stained glass!

2. The bathroom cabinet doors. Especially if done in a matching pattern to any window stained glass, this will create an incredibly polished and elegant bathroom.

3. Glass shower doors or entire glass shower stalls. Imagine having a stained glass shower!

4. In any doors at all. Does the bathroom contain a linen closet or separate toilet stall? Adding a stained glass insert can add interest, color, and style to a room.

Please take a look at our bathroom stained glass gallery (click on thumbnails to enlarge) to see just a few of the many custom designs Fort Collins and other Colorado residents have commissioned from us in the past two decades.

Bathroom Stained Glass Installation

For extremely humid or moist areas in a home such as the bathroom, we use special installation techniques. This ensures that your custom stained glass windows or door panels are protected from any moisture damage. Glass is fairly impervious to moisture, but the lead strips that hold the pieces together can become brittle or damaged over time by continual exposure to water like you would find in a shower window or shower door. To prevent this, we sandwich the new stained glass panel between the existing window’s glass and a second pane of plain glass.
Our local Fort Collins installers are highly trained, as are our local designers and artisans.

Are you sold on bathroom stained glass, Fort Collins? If so, we would love to earn your business. Please contact us today for an initial in-home appointment with one of our professional stained glass designers.

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