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Independence Beveled Entryway Stained Glass - ISG 2

Independence Traditional Entryway Door Stained Glass - ISG 3

Independence Contemporary Entryway Stained Glass Door Sidelights - ISG 5

Independence Stained Glass Entryway Sidelight Panels & Transom

Independence Entryway Stained Glass Rounded

Independence Entryway Stained Glass Door & Sidelight

Independence Stained Glass Windows & Entryways - ISG 8

Independence Entryway Stained Glass Doors & Sidelights - ISG 9

Independence Entryway Stained Glass Door - ISG 10

ISG 10
Independence Stained Glass Bathroom Windows - ISG 11

ISG 11
Independence Privacy Bathroom Stained Glass Windows - ISG 3

ISG 12
Independence Bathroom Window Stained Glass - ISG 13

ISG 13
Independence Bathroom Stained Glass Panels - ISG 5

ISG 14
Independence Bathroom Stained Glass Privacy Windows - ISG 15

ISG 15
Independence Bathroom Stained Glass

ISG 16
Independence Bathroom Stained Glass Partitioned Windows - ISG 17

ISG 17
Independence Bathroom Stained Glass Beveled Window - ISG 18

ISG 18
Independence Bathroom Stained Glass Windows - ISG 10

ISG 19
Independence Living Room Stained Glass

ISG 20
Independence Custom Window Well Stained Glass

ISG 21
Independence Interior Stained Glass Panels

ISG 22
Independence Arched Stained Glass Windows

ISG 23
Independence Window Well Stained Glass

ISG 24
Independence Prairie Style Stained Glass Doors

ISG 25
Independence Aspen Stained Glass Entry

ISG 32
Kitchen Stained Glass Independence Kansas

ISG 27
Independence Aspen Stained Glass Window

ISG 28
Independence Hallway Stained Glass Entry

ISG 29
Independence Basement Stained Glass Windows

ISG 30
Independence Hallway Stained Glass

ISG 31
Custom Beveled Kitchen Stained Glass Independence

DSG 35
Custom Independence Beveled Stained Glass

ISG 36
Church Scottish Stained Glass Independence

ISG 37
Custom Church Stained Glass Independence

ISG 38
Custom Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Stained Glass Independence

ISG 39
Contemporary Kitchen Stained Glass Independence

ISG 40
Custom Hallway Stained Glass Independence

ISG 41
Custom Kitchen Stained Glass Pantry Independence

ISG 42
Custom Stained Glass Bathroom Independence

ISG 43
Custom Prairie Stained Glass Doors Independence

ISG 44
Custom Stained Glass Lights Independence

ISG 45
Custom Painted Glass Landscape Independence

ISG 46

Elegant Stained Glass for Independence Homes, Churches, and Businesses

Scottish Stained Glass is honored to serve Independence and many of the beautiful surrounding cities throughout the Kansas area. We’re the largest custom stained glass studio offering only custom, hand-creating stained glass pieces. We specialize in residential, commercial, and religious stained glass. From leaded privacy glass for your master bathroom to unique, traditional stained glass for your church, we’ve got you covered. Our stained glass restoration process has helped hundreds of churches throughout the country preserve their beloved religious stained glass pieces. We can handle repair projects of any size and severity– our passionate team has been in the stained glass industry for decades.

Residential Stained Glass for Independence Homes

Scottish Stained Glass has created tens-of-thousands of custom residential stained glass pieces for our clients all over the nation. Stained glass offers endless creative opportunities for homes throughout Independence– perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, entryways, hallways, and more, stained glass also doubles as an effective privacy solution. Stained glass also offers enhanced curb appeal and property resale value. This great investment can also easily be removed and re-installed in a different home for those concerned about moving in the future. Privacy stained glass obscures all unwanted views into your home while maintaining an abundance of natural light.

Various Stained Glass Designs for Independence Properties

Independence properties have complete access to all the various stained glass designs. From the popular Art Noveau movement to intricate Mackintosh style stained glass, our stained glass artisans can create anything you’d like for your Independence property. We’ve been in this industry for decades and have our own signature stained glass designs that have become very popular among our clients. If you’d like to learn more about any stained glass designs or styles, please contact us!

Custom Stained Glass for Independence Churches, Temples, and Synagogues

Scottish Stained Glass is well experienced in creating custom religious stained glass pieces for any Independence house of worship. Whatever you’d like to portray in order to inspire your congregation or followers, we can create it through stained glass. This traditional medium has been utilized in religious applications throughout history and has always presented a vital part of the worshiping process. Religious stained glass can become the main attraction for your church attracting potential followers and increasing the size of your congregation. Aside from becoming a popular tourist attraction, religious stained glass can really improve the personal worship process for each member of your congregation.

Religious Stained Glass Restoration for Independence Houses of Worship

Preserving the antique value for your religious stained glass can add financial significance to your Independence house of worship. Not only is preserving value pertinent, preserving unique pieces of art that are meaningful to your congregation members takes precedence. Each member of your congregation sees your stained glass on a regular basis and has their own perception of the powerful message behind each piece. This can really inspire people, becoming treasured heirlooms they want to share with their children and grandchildren.

Restoration Process for Independence Church Stained Glass

Our illustrious restoration process can add another century to your stained glass’ lifespan. Not only does this process extend the structural integrity of your stained glass windows, it also returns them to their former glory. Many clients are astonished by how new their restored stained glass looks once the process is complete. Restoration begins with a proper assessment of your stained glass on-site. We remove your stained glass windows and bring them back to our repair studio, letting them soak in our proprietary soap blend to dissolve any dirt buildup. This also allows us to remove the stained glass piece-by-piece. We restore every damaged piece of glass, preserve the ones in good condition, and completely re-lead the window. Reinforcement glass may be installed as well for further support.

Custom Stained Glass for Independence Commercial Properties

Scottish Stained Glass excels in custom commercial stained glass features. From unique centerpieces for your Independence hotel to colorful signage that’s eye-catching for high foot traffic areas, commercial stained glass can be utilized for branding and advertising efforts.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Contact us for your free consultation! From minor stained glass repairs to large custom panels, we’re happy to help you with your next stained glass project! For more information regarding our custom stained glass services or repair and restoration processes, give us a call!

Contact us today to schedule your appointment or call (816) 399-3764.

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