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Religious Stained Glass Restoration & Repair in Los Angeles

Religious stained glass restoration and repair are a large part of what we do here at Scottish Stained Glass. It is also something we love doing as well since it is so rewarding. For over two decades we have had the privilege of preserving this nation’s most lovely historical church stained glass. We have done so on chapels large and small. Our vast experience means that we can restore or repair any church stained glass window. This is because stained glass restoration is something that requires a deep knowledge of repair methods and techniques old and new. Which we have. However, it is also important for a stained glass restoration expert, like us, to understand how to work with religious organizations. They tend to have a number of stakeholders and an emotional attachment to their beloved stained glass. After two decades of experience working with delicate stained glass and delicate church politics–we understand this. Making Scottish Stained Glass is an excellent choice to handle your Los Angeles church stained glass restoration.

The Church Stained Glass Restoration Process

The first step in any church stained glass restoration or repair is scheduling an appointment to have us inspect your glass. We look closely at every detail determining whether your stained glass needs a simple drop-in repair or a full restoration. Once this is complete we give you a clear bid with transparent pricing, scope, and a proposed timeline. Cost is always a major deterrent for churches. So, we offer help and advice on ways to raise money for your church windows. Historical grants and fundraising are just a few of the things we have seen other church clients use in the past and we are happy to brainstorm with you some more. Once the stained chapel stained glass restoration is financed, we start the repair, restoration or replacement process. You can read about this here

Repair, Restore or Replace Stained Glass Windows on Your Los Angeles Church?

The question of whether to restore or repair the stained glass of your Los Angeles church is mostly about the condition of the windows. Some damage is easily repaired without removing the windows at all. Things like small missing pieces of leading slightly cracked stained glass panels and windows that are just dirty can all be done with the windows in place. However, if the damage is extensive or is structural it will likely need to be restored. Also, windows that are over 80 years old usually need restoration since stained glass windows last about that long before they need it. At Scottish, we have the skills and infrastructure in place to remove church stained glass windows for the restoration of any size. Furthermore, the look of the window will not change–just become more brilliant and lovely after we are done.   

The Question of Restoration vs. Replacement

Whether to restore or replace stained glass windows can become a matter of great debate for some congregations. While it is true we make gorgeous custom stained glass windows for churches all the time, if your church has historical value–you may want to consider restoration. Also, these windows usually have a fair amount of sentimental value among your parishioners. So, when considering the cost of restoring vs. repairing be sure to factor in the countless events your Los Angeles church windows have witnessed. Unless the stained glass is extensively damaged, we usually recommend opting for a restoration of what is arguably a priceless part of your Los Angeles church.  

To get an idea of what type of repairs your Los Angeles church’s stained glass windows need, get the conversation started today by contacting us at Scottish Stained Glass! 

Scottish Stained Glass Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California (also known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”) is a world center for business, fashion, culture, international trade, entertainment, art, media, science, technology, and education. Because of the city’s importance, size, and influence, a diverse culture abounds in Los Angeles. People entertain a lot, and want their homes to reflect their energy, creativity and taste. They want their homes to be unique showpieces.

Scottish Stained Glass creates entirely unique and custom stained glass windows, transoms, skylights and doors, making us a perfect fit for the wide array of L.A. residents. No matter if you prefer classic, traditional designs such as Celtic or Art Nouveau, or pieces with a contemporary, modern flair, we can create a stained glass window specifically based upon your style inclinations. Since all of our stained and leaded glass is custom made to your specifications, we can also produce windows in any size or shape.

Scottish Stained Glass can be added to your home innumerable ways, increasing both the beauty and the value. If you want more privacy without losing any natural light in your bathroom, bedroom, or entryway, stained and leaded glass windows are a perfect, affordable, and visually pleasing solution. Kitchen cabinets are another valuable place to include stained glass, modernizing the entire look of your kitchen.

Of course, when you think of stained glass Los Angeles, you usually think of colored glass. You might be surprised to learn that 90% of our custom projects are clear glass, either textured, beveled or etched designs. However, any color, vivid or muted, can also be incorporated into the design, tying into your home’s décor by reflecting the already existing interior. Scottish Stained Glass is functional while simultaneously improving the quality and aesthetics of a space.

A brightly colored window or door can provide just the right pop of color to finish off a mostly neutral room. Or you can take something ordinary, such as the door to your wine cellar, and make it extraordinary, with the addition of a stained glass panel with a grapevine design. Do you have a large space such as a downtown Los Angeles loft that needs a bit of definition? Consider a freestanding, stained glass panel screen.

As you can see, the sky’s the limit with stained glass designs for Los Angeles.

Commercial Stained Glass for Los Angeles Properties

Custom commercial stained glass can be the exact feature you need to make your property stand out. With endless creative opportunity and design choices, business owners can transform their existing properties while attracting new guests. Commercial stained glass is a great way to retain repeat guests, spark visual interest, promote marketing, and increase brand visibility. Custom commercial stained glass can actually increase property value, add privacy, improve functionality, and beautify your Los Angeles property.

California Stained Glass

Scottish Stained Glass serves all Los Angeles, as well as the rest of the state California. Whether you are in San Diego, San Francisco, Eureka, Redding, Chico, Sacramento, Mendocino, Stockton, Modesto, San Jose, or Santa Barbara the designers at Scottish Stained Glass will work with you to design high-quality, beautiful stained glass windows. Our extensive and thorough design process allows us to communicate with you over the phone, through mail, and via computers. All of these steps ensure that your custom stained glass window design and installation process goes smoothly no matter your location. We look forward to working with you on your stained glass project soon!

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