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Beautiful Waco Stained Glass Windows

If you own a home in the Waco, TX area, Scottish Stained Glass is proud to serve you with the highest-quality in stained glass windows. Homes throughout Texas lend themselves beautifully to custom glasswork, and our products can be more than just beautiful; depending on the design that you choose it can be functional as well!

Choosing Waco Stained Glass Windows

Our process begins by working with a talented designer. We’ll take the time to get to know what you picture for your home, and what styles you like best. You’ll be able to see glass samples within your home and how they reflect the natural light in your space. Since every piece that we build is custom, we’ll be able to tweak your design until you love it!

Speaking of the design, your options are endless! Whether you prefer modern looks like Prairie Style, Mission, and Art Deco inspired pieces, or if you like traditional styles like Art Nouveau, Celtic knots, and beveled glass, we can find the perfect design.

Every window that we build is completely custom, which means you’ll be able to add glasswork to any area of your home, regardless of the size or shape that you need. This also means that you won’t have to settle for a premade stock of designs that only come in standard sizes. Instead you’ll be able to get exactly what you’ve envisioned for your home. We can create pieces for bathrooms, sidelights, transoms, doors, cabinets, basements, and more!

One of the biggest reasons that Waco homeowners choose stained glass is to increase the privacy in a space without sacrificing natural light. If you have sidelights, for example, you may have noticed visitors peeking into your home frequently. By adding textured leaded glass, you’ll be able to obscure vision in a beautiful way, but sunlight will still shine through. The same goes for bathrooms, which are another common application for privacy glass.

Scottish Stained Glass Waco

Scottish Stained Glass is proud to service Waco and the entire state of Texas with beautiful, authentic stained glass windows. If you have any questions about our products, our process, or to schedule a consultation with a designer, feel free to contact us today! We can’t wait to update your home with a custom piece of glass artwork!

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