Elegant, Timeless Hotel Stained Glass Ideas

hotel stained glass ideas

Hotels are one of the many places in the modern world where architects and interior designers are still using large amounts of stained glass in new or remodel projects. Often hotels use the stained glass to represent their local flavor, or to give their modern buildings a more vintage, established look and feel.

Stained and leaded glass windows can be used in beautiful, innovative ways to draw attention to hotel interiors and create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Below, we’ve discussed some of our favorite ideas for using stained glass in hospitality businesses.

Why Should My Hotel Consider Investing in Stained Glass?

Stained glass windows have a long history of being used in luxurious and high-end establishments. Many years ago, they were used to decorate the windows of aristocratic families, serving as a symbol of one’s status in society. Then, when the Arts and Crafts Movement swept across America, stained glass became a favorite for craftsman home designs. Its beautiful, handcrafted nature and striking appearance has always caught the attention of those with an artistic eye and a taste for elegance.

Investing in stained glass for your hotel is a way to invite an atmosphere of luxury and refinement into your interior. Guests are always charmed by its unique and distinct beauty. Some will even go so far as to seek out hotels with stained glass ceilings, domes, and artistic details for the purpose of booking their wedding, event, or celebration at a place where beautiful photographs can be taken. In this way, it is both a means of drawing the attention of tourists and making a name for oneself in the hospitality industry.

hotel leaded glass windows

Enchanting Ways to Use Stained Glass in Your Hotel

Because it is highly customizable, stained glass can be designed to complement nearly any interior or style of décor. Here are some of our favorite ways to use stained glass in hotels and create an upscale, glamourous look.

hotel stained glass ceiling

Ceilings, Skylights & Domes

Hotels are often adorned with ornate ceilings. Placing emphasis on a ceiling’s design and beauty brings attention to the height of the room, making the space seem larger and more grand. Stained glass ceilings, skylights, and domes are a beautiful choice that will impress hotel guests from the minute they walk in the door.

hotel stained glass lights

Light Fixtures

When you pay attention to the small details, it sends the message to your customers that you care and that your business is thoughtful and thorough. Stained glass light fixtures and lamp shades are a small detail that will make a big impact in your hotel. Not only will they add color and beauty, but they also add depth, texture, and another layer of dimension to the design of the room.

hotel stained glass art

Decorative Art

There are numerous ways you can use stained glass as an artistic feature in your hotel. We love the way that large stained glass panels and windows look when placed above grand staircases. Stained glass also makes a stunning addition to dining rooms and lobbies and can even be used to create unique, vintage-looking signage.

About Our Work for Hotels

Scottish Stained Glass has completed for a number of stained glass projects for hotels throughout Colorado and across nation. Whether you are looking for a small project for your local hotel or need a large stained glass ceiling for your international destination venue, Scottish Stained Glass can design and install something to fit your needs.

Beautify Your Hotel with Stained Glass!

Make an impression that’s impossible to forget! Call us today to learn more about how we can help make your hotel more inviting to guests with stained glass!

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