A stained glass could make a beautiful sign for your business.

Do you have a business with that could benefit from a hanging sign out front, or anywhere else in your establishment? If you do, we would like to suggest something truly unique, something that will never get dated or boring – namely, a stained glass business sign. Your business sign is sometimes the first thing that catches your customers attention. Imagine customers walking down the sidewalk, with no plans to visit your business, and a beautiful stained glass sign hangs above your door and catches their eye.

They will immediately be aware that your business is different, has class and great taste, and they may just be tempted to wander right in and spend some money. At the least, they will be curious about what kind of business goes for such a delightful piece of art as their sign.

A stained glass business sign can have your company’s name or logo in it, but it does not have to. If you are a gardening shop, it could show flowers, pruning shears, or anything else related. Customers would know immediately what kind of business it was, even without the name. If you have a hair salon or spa, you could do something whimsical with a pair of shears in the design.


When you work with Scottish Stained Glass, each business sign we design is one of a kind, customized to your tastes, your needs, and your business. What do you have in mind? Could a stained glass sign be just what the doctor ordered in terms of grass roots, on the street marketing? Your new sign will be a work of art that you can hang in the street, in front of your door, or perhaps in your door or in your window. If you have a ground floor storefront type business, an eye-catching sign will really help you take advantage of foot traffic and car traffic in the area, and delight passersby.

By the way, a stained glass sign is sturdier than you might imagine. Our pieces are made with a combination of age-old techniques and modern materials, so they are built to last for generations. You will work with one of our experienced designers to create the original pattern. Then it will be perfected with CAD technology, ensuring the perfect pattern and size. It will be assembled by hand the old-fashioned way, with one of our artisans cutting and attaching each piece of glass by hand. However, that does not mean there has to be anything old-fashioned looking about the sign itself. It can be thoroughly modern, or even have an antique look.

Contact us today about your stained glass business sign and take your businesses décor to a whole new level!

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