Add Privacy to Bathroom Windows With Custom Designed Stained Glass

Do you have bathroom windows that were placed in such a way that your privacy suffers? This is no laughing matter, because the bathroom is the foremost place where privacy is desired. Do your bathroom windows open into the back yard, overlook a patio, or stare right out at your neighbor’s windows?

Have you had the awkward experience of glancing out your bathroom window, only to see your neighbor glancing back at you from his house? Unacceptable! If you have had this experience, you are probably on the hunt to ensure it never happens again.

We have to wonder what the developer was thinking! We’d bet his house was built with enough privacy. So the question becomes, how you can add more privacy and comfort, without losing the sunlight or the view (if you have one)?

In these cases, privacy-challenged homeowners might choose from a couple of different options. You could move the window somewhere more convenient, but that’s pretty costly. You could hang curtains or shades, but that would block the light and the view and make the room seem smaller. You could just decide to grin and bear it, but that’s not really ideal, is it? Why suffer when there’s a fantastic option available that will solve all your privacy issues without any of the drawbacks.

You probably already know what that option is . . . we’re talking about custom designed stained glass windows that let the sun’s light in, but easily, inexpensively, and beautifully take care of the privacy issue.

Did you know that along with privacy, aesthetic appeal, and practicality, custom stained glass windows from Scottish Stained Glass will also add uniqueness, a high-end designer look, and actual dollar resale value to your home? No curtains or shades can claim that!

Whether your bathroom windows are small and narrow (and if they are, then allowing the light to come through is even more important) or a big bay window wrapping around your spa/tub, we will work with you to create a stunning design that perfectly complements your taste and your existing bathroom décor. But don’t be surprised if, after seeing the gorgeous designs that are available, you decide to redecorate the bathroom to complement your stained glass windows!

If you can’t decide what you want, we’d suggest taking a look at our stained glass gallery for some inspiration. Or calling us to set up an in-home appointment with one of our designers.

Imagine your bathroom privacy issues solved by the addition of custom made artwork in the form of stained glass windows! And call us today.

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