Add the Beauty of Mackintosh Inspired Stained Glass Windows to Your Home

If you are a fan of stained glass windows with lush colors, exquisite flowers, or unique design that captures the imagination, then we want to turn you on to one of our favorite stained glass artists of all times, the multitalented Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868 – 1928). This architect, artist and interior designer was born in Glasgow, Scotland, where he learned his trade and did most of his famous work.

Glasgow School of Art - Scottish Stained Glass Denver

Mackintosh inspired designs

In the case of Mackintosh, a picture is worth a thousand words, so we hope you’ll head straight on over to our photo gallery, which features both examples of his work as well as some of the Mackintosh inspired designs that we have created over the years. One of the things he’s most known for is the Mackintosh Rose, sometimes called the Glasgow Rose, which is a “perennial” favorite among stained glass aficionados everywhere. (Pun intended!)

Another of the qualities that make his style of stained glass windows so beloved is his uncanny ability to combine different styles into an unexpected yet striking design. For instance, although he was a master with floral and art nouveau patterns, somehow he managed to merge them with linear, geometric designs, to spectacular result.

Mackintosh’s Influence on Stained Glass

Here at Scottish Stained Glass, our admiration for this artist knows no bounds. (Yes, founder Martin Faith is from Scotland, so you could say he’s biased, but the esteem Mackintosh is held in around the word tells you that our admiration is well founded.)  However, all of our stained glass panels are custom designed and handcrafted here in the U.S. by our staff of talented, specially trained artisans. We don’t copy his exact work, but pay homage to his talent and style with our own unique designs.

Mackintosh has been hailed as the greatest originator of modern art and design, creating much more than buildings and their stained glass windows. And since his death, his work has been shown in major museum retrospectives and his pieces sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Not content with just creating the outer architecture of a house, Mackintosh also did the interiors, including the furniture. This prolific artist set his talent loose on watercolors, fabrics, posters, wallpaper and even his own style of lettering which is still used to this day. In fact, we use it for our logo so you can see that we are fans indeed.

We hope after exploring his work, you’ll share our enthusiasm for this great master.

If you do like the Mackintosh style, you can rest assured that is a lovely and flexible choice that will work with many different styles of architecture and home décor. It will never look dated or out of style either, with its beautiful blend of modern and classical lines.

So, now that you’re sold on adding some Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired stained glass to your home, how do you proceed? Simply contact our experienced design staff to get the whole design process started.




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