Aspen Stained Glass can complete the look of your mountain home.

If you have a vacation home in Colorado, chances are it is probably in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Many Colorado residents pride themselves on their Rocky Mountain style, decorating in a way that celebrates everything about the mountains. When it comes to stained glass, Coloradans seem to want to carry that mountain motif right into their patterns. It’s for that reason that we created the Scottish Stained Glass signature collection: Aspen stained glass, inspired by the aspen trees of Colorado.

If you have a home here in Colorado and another home somewhere else, you might want to bring the beauty of the Aspen trees to your other home, to remember the mountains while you are not in residence here. We can ship our stained glass anywhere and arrange the installation for you!

The Aspens are a majestic sight every season of the year, whether they are a whole stand in the forest on a mountainside, or whether there are just a few in your backyard. Our Aspen stained glass can take advantage of their beauty in any season. You tell us what sort of Aspens you want in your stained glass windows. With leaves? Without? With realistic colors? All monochromatic in blacks and frosted whites?

In the winter, the Aspen’s willowy shapes and dramatic white and black bark really stand out starkly against the bare mountainsides. In summer, their lush round green leaves wave and ripple in the breeze. In the fall, they flame gold, lighting up the mountains, and in spring they breathe new life into any area with their light green buds that turn into the most tender leaves.

stained glass aspen tree

Okay, so we are passionately and poetically inclined when it comes to Aspen trees. And we have kind of memorialized them with our Aspen stained glass. Tired of just hearing about it? Want to see it? Take a look at some of the designs that are part of this enchanting collection right here.

When it comes to Aspen stained glass, no one does it like we do. When it comes to bringing the feeling and flavor of Colorado into your home, in the form of custom stained glass, we can design any tree, any flower, and mountain scene, any design you want. If Aspens are not your thing, how about a stained glass window featuring the Columbine, Colorado’s state flower?

When you work with Scottish Stained Glass, our windows and doors are custom made to your taste and your specifications. This goes for our Aspen stained glass as well. If you have an idea, our designers will work with you to bring it into fruition.

So why not contact us today? Tell us where and how you’d like your Aspen stained glass. In your home’s entryway? In a glass sliding door? In your kitchen cabinets? Let’s talk.

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