Aspen stained glass inspired by aspen trees of Colorado.

Anyone who has visited the mountains of Aspen knows how beautiful the aspen forests there are, with their straight trunks, whitish bark and those dramatic dark markings across the trunks. And the rounded leaves are beautiful both fluttering in the breeze, and when they turn colors in the fall. Aspens are even striking in winter, without a single leaf. They shout “Colorado mountains.” And they make a stunning inspiration for aspen stained glass.

These trees have inspired photographers, painters, and various other artists throughout the
years. So why should you be surprised to find that Scottish Stained Glass’s designers have been inspired by the aspens as well, to the point of creating an entire collection of designs around these magnificent trees?

Our Aspen stained glass signature collection has a strong Colorado influence. Imagine it in your Colorado mountain cabin or vacation home? But even if you live down on the Front Range, aspen stained glass can bring the beauty of the aspens into your home, all year round.


Take a look at some of our aspen stained glass designs here. Click on any image to enlarge and see the detail of these highest quality designs.

As you can see, aspen stained glass can be more realistic, with leaves the colors of the actual leaves in fall, or it can be more abstract. Whichever pattern you choose, when you work with Scottish Stained Glass, all our custom stained glass panels are designed exactly to your windows and to your tastes, and they are hand-built by our specially trained Colorado artisans. A local tree, a local company, a way to celebrate the beauty of one of Colorado’s most famous features.

Of course, if aspen stained glass is not quite your thing . . . perhaps you are a lover of the maple tree, or the weeping willow . . . our designers will work with you to create a pattern and design incorporating whichever kind of trees you long to bring into your home. In full color. Or no color. Or anywhere in between.

If you have some lovely aspens right outside your window, perhaps you’d like to continue that motif by having stained glass panels with our aspen designs installed into the doors of your kitchen cabinets. Or your entryway, the sidelights, the transom above the door, even a panel in the front door itself for a stunning entryway that will light up your home.

With no leaves to rake in the fall!

By the way, did you know that the beloved aspen tree has an extensive and determined root system? The roots can spread underground up to 40 feet from the actual tree. The roots spread out in search of water sources, and we cannot blame them for that, but in the process they have been known to tear up people’s sidewalks and even infiltrate their sewers and septic systems!

So if you have aspens on your property, make sure you water them during dry periods. Or, instead, invest in some beautiful aspen stained glass. It will add value, beauty, and uniqueness to your home.

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