Beautiful sidelight stained glass

Stained glass sidelights are one of our favorite and most popular commissions. We’ll tell you why. In our twenty years of experience, we have never seen any other home improvement that makes such a huge and gorgeous change to a home’s entryway as stained glass. Of course, if we do custom stained glass for your sidelights on either side of your front door, you know we are going to suggest adding a stained glass panel or two right into the front door itself. That’s because sidelights are placed in an entryway to add light into what might be a rather dark part of a home. And with the inserts in the door, even more light can be added, along with a regal and elegant look.

Many entryways are kind of boring, wouldn’t you agree? And it’s even worse when every home on the block or in the development has the same entryway. With stained glass sidelights, Colorado homeowners have the chance to add some personality, some mega-style, some uber-beauty and uniqueness. Your entryway will never be the same! Your home will be the envy of everyone on the block. (Don’t be surprised if your neighbors come knocking at your door, asking who made you those stunning stained glass sidelights. You will share, won’t you?)

We can create our beautiful stained glass sidelights in any types of styles, any types of glass, any types of designs. But what we cannot do is describe just how pretty they are in words. So, considering that even in the year 2016 a picture is still worth a thousand words, we are going to keep this article rather short, and instead, direct you to two different photo galleries.


Click here to take a look at our stained glass sidelights photo gallery, showing off some of the many sidelights we have custom designed and installed over the years. Notice how much light is coming through these panels.

Click here to take a look at our entryway photo gallery, showing how those stained glass sidelights look in real clients’ homes. Notice how much more light is coming through into the entryways with stained glass added to the front door as well as the sidelights.

Now, there is one more major benefit to adding beautiful stained glass sidelights. And that is privacy. We have had clients who’ve been so discomforted by the idea that any stranger could walk up to their front door and look inside their home that they actually covered the sidelights with cloth or even paper. But with our custom stained glass sidelight designs, we can use a frosted or textured glass that will give a homeowner the privacy they want and the style they crave.

Please contact Scottish Stained Glass for more information on stained glass sidelights.

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