Beveled stained glass for privacy and light.

Beveled stained glass is one of the most popular types we build for our clients. There is something about the beveled stained glass window that adds extra elegance and beauty, even above and beyond the effect of regular stained glass.

Of course, that has to do with the beveling itself. Are you familiar with beveled glass? In a stained glass window, this refers to a thick piece of clear glass that is cut to the required shape, but then the edges are ground down to a bevel, or angle. These angles catch the light differently, refracting it into pretty prisms of color. Beveled stained glass has a truly classy, timeless look to it.

If you would like to see some of the many beautiful beveled stained glass windows and doors we have custom-designed and hand-crafted for clients over our two decades in business, please click here.

Beveled stained glass is perfect for areas of the home where the customer would like more privacy without blocking the light. The beveled glass is usually combined with frosted or pebbled glass in these windows. The frosted glass adds the privacy, the beveled glass adds the beauty. And because there are no dark colors blocking the light, it can still flow through into the home.


Some of the most popular places to add beveled stained glass windows are a home’s entryway, in the sidelights and sometimes in the front door as well. And in the bathroom, where privacy is vital and sometimes the existing windows simply don’t provide what you need. Hallway windows are another excellent location for beveled stained glass, particularly if they open onto the side of your neighbor’s house or some other view you might just as soon cover up.

Beveled glass has a long history. It’s gone in and out of style with things like mirrors and tabletops, but with stained glass it has remained consistently popular and sought after. Probably because it is so stunning, so eye-catching, and so practical at the same time.

Where in your home would you like some exciting beveled stained glass? Because we do a completely custom product, we can create any style, any pattern, and any size or shape window or door insert.

If you are looking for the most beautiful custom beveled stained glass, we hope you will make an appointment with one of our designers so you can see our designs, or perhaps work together with our designer to come up with something new for your home. Please contact Scottish Stained Glass today for more information or to make an appointment.

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