Celtic Stained Glass Door

At Scottish Stained Glass, we are proud to create windows that mirror our own heritage, like this beautiful Celtic stained glass door. Celtic knots go back centuries and have been found within many cultures, but they are most often associated with Scottish and Irish heritage. This particular piece is a beautiful example of how the Celtic style can translate into a home.

Choosing Celtic Stained Glass


This particular project was actually purchased by one of our out of state clients, so we shipped the glass to him in New York! For our out of state clients, we typically work via phone and email, and mail out glass samples to ensure that everything is perfect for your home. Our designers have created hundreds of windows to go out of state in our more than 20 years in business, so you can count on us.


Celtic knot

Celtic stained glass knot


This stained glass door is a beautiful example of the vast options available to homeowners throughout the country when it comes to stained glass. While many people choose simple styles with colorless, textured glass, the option for getting something more ornate is always available.

We began the color selection process with a vastly different palette than what we ended up with, using dark blues and ambers instead of lighter green. We used computerized drawings to show the client each color option. This process gives a pretty solid idea of what the window will look like when completed, and allows you to see the colored glass within the design itself.

The color option that the client chose offer a vibrant, unique twist on the well-known Celtic knot design, and we love the way this window came together. Celtic stained glass doors can be beautiful and unique in any home! Our custom process allows us to create leaded glass for any area, regardless of the size or shape needed. This door was one of our more uncommon projects, and if you have something in mind for your home, we can help!

Celtic Stained Glass with Scottish


At Scottish Stained Glass, we create authentic glasswork that fits beautifully into any home. Whether you prefer modern styles, something traditional, or something in between, we can make it happen! Contact us today if you would like to know more about Celtic knots, or if you’re interested in getting custom glasswork for your home!

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