Clear leaded glass for more light in your home.

When most people think of stained glass, they usually think of vibrant, vividly colored glass. This type of stained glass is indeed beautiful with its many colors and textures; it can really add oomph to a room. However, just like anything else, it can have some disadvantages. Colored stained glass can hold back some light and make a room a little darker than you might wish. It can also be an issue if you decide to redecorate, and the colors no longer match what you want to do.

One possible solution, that lets the light in and doesn’t clash with anything at all: clear beveled glass.

And of course, people are very specific about their favorite color pallets. So although having stained glass windows or doors does raise the value of your home, if you are going to sell it, you might want to beware. The colors you chose, that you love, might not be the colors prospective buyers want in their homes.

Beveled glass is just as beautiful as stained glass and is clear in color, making it a terrific option when you want more light in a room. When we recommend clear beveled glass to our clients, we are frequently met with a puzzled look. Although pretty much everyone has seen this kind of glass (it’s used in mirrors, tabletops, etc,), they aren’t always familiar with the term “beveled.”


A bevel is an edge cut at an angle. And when this bevel is cut around the edges of glass, something very interesting happens. That angled edge catches and refracts the light that hits it, causing prisms of color to dance around the room. Lovely rainbow colors and delightful sparkles of light happen when the sunlight hits the bevel in just the right way. When pieces of beveled glass are combined with frosted glass or iridescent glass, and joined together in a pattern with leading between each piece, the results are classy and amazing works of art that will go with any décor, any architecture, any color scheme.

For this reason, clear beveled glass is a phenomenal choice for stained glass entryways, bathroom windows, basement windows, kitchen cabinet doors, sliding glass doors, and anywhere you want the beauty of custom stained glass while still letting all the light shine through.

If you take a look at our sidelight gallery, you will see various examples of clear beveled glass put together with frosted or textured glass, to provide homeowners with more privacy in their entryways, without blocking the light. (Click on any photo to see an enlargement.)

Now that you know about the beauty and practicality of beveled stained glass, is it something you might consider for your home or office?

Why not contact us at Scottish Stained Glass today, and schedule an in-home consultation with one of our designers. Whether you want clear beveled glass or the most vivid colors imaginable, all our stained glass windows are custom designed to your tastes and your order.

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